The Hardys Need to Be on WWE SmackDown Live


With reports that the returns of Matt and Jeff Hardy to WWE are imminent, it’s clear that the “broken” tag-team needs to be on Smackdown Live.

Even thought WrestleMania 33 is on Sunday, the talk of the professional wrestling industry is surrounding Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Ever since The Hardy Brothers left TNA, there had been speculation that a return to WWE was imminent. Those rumors slowed after The Hardys appeared on Ring of Honor and won the tag-team titles. However, a recent report from Dave Meltzer this week suggests that The Hardys return to WWE is imminent.

The Hardy Brothers will be in Orlando on Sunday, so it’s possible that there return could happen at WrestleMania.

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If The Hardys do return at WrestleMania, there has been speculation that they could enter the Raw tag team title match. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are defending the titles in a triple-threat tag-team ladder match against Sheamus and Cesaro, and Enzo and Big Cass. Given how The Hardy’s revolutionized ladder matches in WWE, they would be right at home in such a match.

The other option is The Hardys could challenge The Usos for the SmackDown Live tag-team titles. The Usos currently do not have a match for WrestleMania and the Smackdown Live tag-team division is in desperate need of a boost. Having The Hardys return and be a part of the Smackdown Live roster would provide similar benefits to when The Dudley Boys returned.

A match between The Hardys and The Usos may not occur at WrestleMania 33 due to the card already being over a dozen matches long.

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Regardless of whether The Hardys return at WrestleMania 33 or the following Monday or Tuesday, it’s clear that they are needed on SmackDown Live. Short of The Usos and American Alpha, the Smackdown Live roster is lacking any depth or talent in their tag-team division. That needs to change after WrestleMania and The Hardy brothers should ignite that process.