Former WWE Star Marc Mero Changing Lives Through Public Speaking


Marc Mero is spending his retirement from wrestling as a public speaker. His program focuses on the power someone’s choices have on their life.

Many WWE superstars find ways to pass the time after retiring from active competition. Some work for the company in other capacities, such as training (Albert/Matt Bloom) or producing (Jamie Noble and others). Others get “real” jobs – Rico became a police officer, for example.

One superstar, though, is working to try and better the lives of people he comes into contact with. Marc Mero has spent the past 10 years as a public speaker. The focus of his presentation is to persuade students (as well as adults) to make better decisions.

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I had the opportunity to see Mero’s presentation recently, and it had a profound impact on everyone in the room. Mero uses his life story as a framework to highlight the importance of making good decisions. Without giving away too much about the story, Mero has endured a number of tragedies and setbacks in his life. He freely admits that bad decisions compounded some of these.

But as the former “Wildman” explained, we are defined by the choices we make. The program is geared towards school-age children, and a big focus is on bullying. It’s always a hot topic in this day and age, especially cyberbullying.

For wrestling fans, there’s also plenty of references to his former career. Mero’s video introduction is a “best of” compilation from his days in WWE and WCW, including segments against megastars like The Rock and Steve Austin.

On a more depressing note, Mero uses pro wrestling to highlight some bad choices, with his “Death List.” At one point in his presentation, the video screen contains a list of more than 30 names – all deceased wrestlers/valets that shared the ring with him. The vast majority of the list were wrestlers that died due to drug overdose, or other drug-related causes.

Despite being a program designed for schools, there’s plenty for adults to take away from Marc Mero’s presentation. He has a real way with words, and his style of presentation clicks with the target audience.

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For more about what Marc Mero is up to these days, check out the video above or his website.