WWE NXT: Dominance is the Underlying Theme


While NXT has stood out on its own in WWE, is there such a thing as too much dominance?

The Authors of Pain, SAnitY, Asuka have something in common in NXT.  Each of them has created indestructible paths in NXT; whether it’s the numbers game or the lack of challengers who can stand up to them.  On the surface, it looks good for them as they create and shape their WWE careers en route to one day making it onto the main roster.  However, is it too much of a good thing?

While watching NXT, followed with Viewing Takeover Orlando, the overdominance was something worth noting. The Authors of Pain have been unstoppable in the Tag Team Division as is Asuka over in the Women’s Division.  SAnitY has been dominant over the likes of Tye Dillinger and No Way Jose.  It’s in different areas but one has to ask what is next for each of them now that WrestleMania weekend has passed and there is the upcoming WWE Draft.

This is not a knock on any of them – they have all done excellent work.  But in booking terms, where do they go, how do they evolve from Takeover?

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There is still the possibility that Asuka will make her way to the main roster.  Her win over Ember Moon was a swerve for many; however, she may pull a Paige/Sasha Banks and debut as the NXT Women’s Champion.  Each woman has experienced stripping of the Championship and a pinfall loss after their respective debuts, so if Asuka were to be drafted, what would the plan be this time?  There is already comparison of her winning streak to Goldberg’s unprecedented streak in the 1990s.  This is assuming NXT is not done with the Empress of Tomorrow just yet.

Asuka and Moon’s match at Takeover Orlando left me wanting more, and perhaps we may see them square off again.  I don’t think they are done just yet.  Moon may still be the one to dethrone Asuka but it may be a little longer before it happens.  There is still potential for a great feud between the two.

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The tag team scene has been flourishing between the Authors of Pain, DIY and The Revival.  The NXT Tag Team Championship match at Takeover Orlando stole the show and was easily the best match of the night.  The Match of the Year candidate showed why the NXT Tag Team Division is the best of the WWE spectrum.  Three of the top teams NXT had put on their best effort once again.

The Revival just made their main roster debut this past Monday on Raw.  That is one less tag team for NXT with rumors of DIY next on the list to debut.  Who is there for the Authors of Pain to get challenged by?  Heavy Machinery is showing some promise in recent weeks.  However, could it be a matter of time before SAnitY and the Tag Team Champions cross paths?  SAnitY can’t stay on the lower part of the card forever.

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It is said that even the greatest has to fall sometimes.  With the departures of NXT stars, it does create more opportunity.  Splitting up of SAnitY or Authors of Pain isn’t in the cards, however.  Asuka has been on top since she debuted.  Where they all go from here has yet to be determined.  But with the NXT stars becoming so dominant that they’re unbeatable, then what can be done?