WWE SmackDown Live: Charlotte Flair Will Be Best Pick in the Superstar Shakeup


With the WWE now a week past the Superstar Shakeup, fans are quickly seeing why Charlotte will go down as the best pick.

Last week on both Raw and SmackDown Live, the WWE landscape changed when we saw multiple big names change shows during the Superstar Shakeup. No one on the roster was safe as marquee names and even champions switched shows.

Major main event talents such as Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, The Miz, Bray Wyatt and Sami Zayn left their shows and joined new brands. Along with some of the top male competitors, we also saw top women switch brands as well.

Alexa Bliss and Mickie James joined the Women’s division on Raw, while a returning Tamina went over to Smackdown Live. However, as we have seen in just a short period the top name to go during the shakeup is none other than Charlotte Flair.

When it was announced that The Queen was heading over to Tuesday Nights fans were both shocked and excited to see what she could bring to the division on the Blue Brand. After being the third overall pick in the Draft last July, Charlotte helped elevate the Women’s division to new heights.

The Queen was able to win the Raw Women’s Championship on three separate occasions and main evented Raw multiple times with Sasha Banks. Her and Banks became the most popular feud during the first half of the new Brand Extension over on Raw.

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The duo also became the first women to ever main event a WWE pay per view when the two squared off inside the Hell in a Cell, which was also a first for the Women’s division. Flair during this time carried an unprecedented undefeated streak in PPV title matches.

However, after ending her feud with Banks at Roadblock, Charlotte hit a wall when she was unable to get past Bayley. The Queen dropped the Raw Women’s Championship to Bayley on an episode of Monday Night Raw, and was unable to reclaim the championship at Fastlane, ending her undefeated streak on PPVs.

After piling up a string of losses including one at WrestleMania, it seemed clear that Charlotte needed a new brand to reignite her dominance. This came true last week when she made her debut on SmackDown Live.

With her star power Charlotte can easily be defined as by far the best pick either brand got during the Superstar Swap. During her time on Raw, Flair showed that she can have a fantastic match with anyone on the roster.

Her battles between the likes of Sasha Banks and Bayley were fantastic and stole the show every time they occurred. On her last night on Raw, Charlotte put on a fantastic match with none other than Nia Jax. She made Jax look strong and legit, before she would head over to Tuesday Nights.

With her incredible ring work, The Queen could continue her stride with new matchups with likes of Naomi and Becky Lynch. Her veteran status in the ring could also help elevate the likes of Carmella who is still fairly new to the wrestling scene.

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Charlotte is also strong on the microphone and can deliver a promo just as good as many of the men on the roster. On her first night on SmackDown Live, she claimed that we take over the division and make it her new kingdom.

She instantly gained credit as the top pick in the Superstar Swap when she defeated Naomi in their first match against each other. This now sets up a title match between the two next week on Smackdown Live.

Charlotte should win the Championship next week as it would solidly her as the top female in the WWE. If the Queen was to dethrone Naomi next week on SmackDown Live, Charlotte would become the first women to win both the Women’s Championships on Raw and the Blue Brand.

This would further prove that she was the best pick in the swap as she would have caused an immediate impact on her new brand. Charlotte winning the belt would make her the center of the division and would help strengthen the division on Tuesday nights.

Charlotte has an act of making anyone she works with better, and having her as champ would elevate the division immensely. We may be only two weeks into the new landscape of WWE, but the Queen has shown that she is truly the best pick of the Shakeup.

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In may have just been two weeks but Charlotte has shown that whatever brand she is on, that Women’s division is her kingdom, and everyone else is just living in it.