Can Seth Rollins or Samoa Joe Afford Loss at WWE Payback?


Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe will settle their differences in the ring at WWE Payback.

When it comes to these two men, on the surface this matchup can very well end up a brawl.  Since before WrestleMania 33, Samoa Joe has caused a path of destruction the moment he stepped foot onto the main roster.  Upon his arrival, he almost put Seth Rollins out of action to which he barely made WrestleMania.

Once Triple H became the focus for Rollins, it is almost as if Samoa Joe was an afterthought in the final buildup going into Orlando.  Both Joe and Rollins have been victims of bad time management due to Rollins’ feud with Triple H.  Joe was not even part of the card at WrestleMania, which makes me feel that his debut on Raw was anticlimactic.  He didn’t even make an appearance in the match between Rollins and Triple H.  But now that Rollins has come off of winning against The Game, he has turned his focus towards Joe, whom he has unfinished business with.

The stop and start again trend hurt this feud, so when it comes to WWE Payback this match must be constructed to where fans will look forward to the fallout post-Payback.  Again, Rollins has picked up the biggest victory of his singles career while Joe has been steamrolling through Raw.  The two will finally meet in the ring and one has got to wonder, who would come out on top?

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Unless Triple H gets involved to avenge Stephanie McMahon’s fall through a table at WrestleMania, the chances are the match will be a no contest.  There is substance there for both Rollins and Joe to go all out in San Jose.  Whether their brawl gets out of control or they decide to take things further with a weapon, which is the key that can help this feud.  Joe is a submission specialist too, which that can also be a huge factor.

If there is outside interference, then a loss for either man doesn’t sting as much.  That is because there would be a no disqualification factor involved in the decision.  However, the no contest decision keeps both men looking good after the PPV has concluded.

Rollins vs. Joe isn’t a one-and-done deal.  It’s imperative that some big moments happen at WWE Payback for fans to get further invested in the feud.  While there is a chance that Joe could get the DQ loss, a Rollins loss due to Triple H isn’t a bad idea either.  Overall the decision can go several ways, but one thing is for sure that a clean pin isn’t going to do this feud any favors.

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Again, big moments will help get this feud the attention it should have been getting from the start.  WWE Payback is a second chance to get the ball rolling between Rollins and Joe.  It is a chance to right the wrongs due to WrestleMania commitments.  When it comes to these two, a loss isn’t so bad if Triple H decides to get involved.  Time will tell what the outcome will be.