5 Ways WWE Payback 2017 Can Exceed Expectations

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3. Break The Hardy Boyz

This one may seem kind of obvious, but using a match to “break” Matt and Jeff Hardy again would appease a large section of the WWE Universe.

It may not even be possible, given the legalities of the gimmick and uncertainties over ownership. But if recent rumors are true, WWE does plan on using the “Broken” Universe at some point during the Hardys’ run. Honestly, there’s no better time than the present.

Since Matt and Jeff returned at WrestleMania, they’ve basically been what they always were in WWE – Team Extreme. The past few weeks have been a nice nostalgia act, but there have been subtle hints at something more. “DELETE” chants are everywhere, and Matt still occasionally drops his “Broken” voice into promos.

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With a Tag Team Championship defense at Payback against Cesaro and Sheamus, there’s a perfect opportunity to transition into Broken Matt and Brother Nero if WWE wants to take it. Using a concussion to get there like in TNA probably wouldn’t fly in WWE (especially with the concussion lawsuits going on), so why not losing the titles?

Let’s say Cesaro and Sheamus emerge victorious at Payback. All four competitors have been very respectful of one another thus far. But, the Hardy Boyz have been victorious each time they’ve met. If the tables turn, perhaps Matt and Jeff don’t think it’s so WONDERFUL anymore.

Or, Cesaro and just grab both Hardys and swing them around until they’re obsolete. Whatever works.