WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 24

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The quality of Alexa Bliss promos compared to anyone else in the Women’s Division on Raw is like comparing a Van Gogh to  kindergartener’s finger painting. Bliss has the crowd in the palm of her hand, and she’s got no problem turning it right back on them.

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Case in point, out comes Bayley… to pause… in awkward spots like she’s… William Shatner or something. I think someone told her that dramatic pauses were a good thing, but she’s kind of overdoing it lately.

And to further my point, Sasha Banks wanders down to the ring, but she left her ability to pronounce all the words in the English language in the back. Good gosh, Sasha, there’s a “t” in the word “cute”!

As far as content to the segment, I just don’t know. I like Alexa’s handling of the “What” chants. And the fact that she’s thrilled to embarrass Bayley in front of her father? Great for her character. But the whole thing together fell kind of flat, and I can’t figure out why.

Maybe it’s the fact that Sasha has been turning on Bayley for months, but all of a sudden now they’re better friends than ever. Or maybe it’s the “have you ever even kissed a boy” crack, that seemed out of line even for a nasty heel like Bliss.