3 Future Challengers for Neville’s WWE Cruiserweight Championship

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1. Austin Aries, Jack Gallagher and TJ Perkins

Given how many unique characters the division boasts, it comes as a surprise that there haven’t been any multi-man matches with the championship on the line.

There have been plenty of multi-man matches on display, be it tag-team or free-for-all, but things tend to stay one-on-one when the title is hanging in the balance.

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In many ways, this is a good thing. It keeps the story about the two competitors involved; champion and challenger, and forces them to weave a narrative together both in the build-up and during the match itself that is generally of a higher standard.

That is, however, until the opportunity for change presents itself in an organic way. In the second leg of this Aries-Neville feud, two additional athletes have been added to the fray in an attempt to keep things fresh.

TJ Perkins is just off the heels of a dramatically needed heel turn, pitting him right beside the champion as a so-called “Neville’s advocate” in an attempt to derail Austin Aries’ hopes of securing the title. In a bid to even the odds, “The Extraordinary Gentleman”, Jack Gallagher has joined the fray in favor of Aries.

The obvious set-up here was a tag match, but now that it’s been done, there’s only one way to put this story to rest with everyone getting their fair shake at the strap.

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That comes in the form of a fatal four-way match between Aries, Gallagher, Perkins and Neville, whether he heads into the match as the reigning champion or looking to recapture the title. The inclusion of Perkins may suggest the latter outcome is true.