WWE Stock Watch: Baron Corbin Continues to Roll

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With the Raw PPV Payback on the horizon, let’s take a look at who is rising and falling in the WWE after another week of programming.

For a second straight week, Jinder Mahal was the biggest talking point after SmackDown Live, literally stealing the WWE Championship from Randy Orton and leaving with it in a limousine. Mahal’s rise as one of the top three heels on the blue brand has been nothing short of extraordinary, but is he one of the superstars who sees his stock rising this week?

While plenty of superstars enjoy a positive week of booking in WWE programming, others aren’t so fortunate. The Miz was hit with finishers from three different superstars on Monday night, and he doesn’t appear to have anything booked at Payback despite being the company’s self-proclaimed “A-Lister”. Was a down week enough to land him on this list?

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5. Rising: Baron Corbin

An absolute monster, Baron Corbin was hit with a one-week suspension after ambushing Sami Zayn on Talking Smack. Corbin took exception to Zayn talking about him on the show, and he decided to send one of the WWE’s most over babyfaces a message. Whether it is Dean Ambrose or AJ Styles, Corbin is always willing to deliver the pain, and he always makes sure to get the last word even if he loses the sanctioned match. Following a second straight loss to Styles on Tuesday night, he made sure to give “The Phenomenal One” a few stomps.

Corbin will enter a program with Zayn, as United States Champion Kevin Owens and his No. 1 contender Styles will be locked in a feud that should involve a big match at Backlash. This is a great opportunity for Corbin to win a rivalry with a relatively big name, and I wonder how many savage backstage beatdowns Corbin will have on Zayn. Judging by how well Zayn sold in his program with Braun Strowman, big things are ahead for “The Lone Wolf”.

Additionally, Corbin’s suspension for next week’s SmackDown Live is a sure-fire indication that he’ll find a way to ruin the show, perhaps pummeling Zayn (or even ransacking the entire place a la Strowman) backstage.