Kevin Owens Ends Chris Jericho’s WWE Stint with Title Win, Vicious Attack (Video)


Kevin Owens put an exclamation point on his feud with Chris Jericho by taking a title and likely sending Jericho out the door.

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho’s feud had been ongoing since August 2016, when they were paired as “best friends.” They remained this way, until February 2017, when Owens turned on Jericho during their Festival of Friendship segment on Raw.

This led to a WrestleMania 33 match for Jericho’s United States Championship, which Owens won. The title went back to Y2J at Sunday’s WWE Payback pay-per-view, which brought him to SmackDown Live, joining KO. However, this second stint with the belt only lasted two days.

In the main event of Tuesday’s SmackDown, Owens defeated Jericho to win the U.S. title. The match ended with a clean pop-up powerbomb, but soon turned ugly when the New Champion turned his attention to making the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rollah suffer even more.

It started with another powerbomb, sending Jericho down with his already-injured self. He had somewhat played up a head or neck injury during the match.

Owens eventually walked down the ramp to celebrate his title win. That led to the officials attempting to help Jericho to the back, only for this to happen:

As 205 Live went on the air, Jericho was seen being helped to the back. A clip of the chair being wrapped around his head was also included:

This may be a way of sending Jericho off to do a Fozzy tour. This begins on Friday, May 5, and continues until Saturday, June 24.

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The month of June only has three tour dates for Fozzy, so could Jericho come back to SmackDown that month? Nothing is confirmed about when he could return, so maybe it’s going to be in June, or we’ll have to wait for a further date that hasn’t been determined.

Either way, this wrapped up a Jericho-WWE run that lasted since January 2016, when it looked like it would only be for WrestleMania 32 season. However, he stuck around for feuds with Dean Ambrose, Enzo Amore and Big Cass, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, and the big one with Owens.

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What was your favorite part of this WWE run for Jericho? When do you think he’ll be back on SmackDown Live?