WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 1

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Who Wants To Be Champion Of The Universe?

The Seth Rollins promo formula is simple. Give him five minutes worth of material, tell him to take ten minutes to deliver it all, and liberally sprinkle in “man” and “dude” when it feels appropriate.

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Tonight’s was on the shorter side of the Rollins scale, but to parse it down, he basically said he read The Secret and he wants to be champion. Okay, there we go. Let’s work this out.

Rollins wants to (finally) win the Universal Championship. There’s two problems with this, though: Brock Lesnar is MIA with the championship, and Finn Balor literally said last night that he wants his title back.

Hearing word of championship dreams on Raw, Dean Ambrose trots out with the Intercontinental Title. After a quality Lesnar burn, Ambrose offers to be a fighting champion for Team Red. This brings out The Miz to save the segment, as is his forte of late.

I will admit, Dean Ambrose calling Kurt Angle in the middle of the ring was pretty funny. I’m convinced that Ambrose really is a lunatic, and none of the things he does are vastly out of character. Strange for a death match guy, but whatever. (I also want to hear the phone call where Angle screams at Mick Foley for giving Dean his number.)

All this leads to the obvious conclusion when these four guys shared a ring: A triple threat, number one contender’s match for the Intercontinental Title.