WWE Backlash 2017: It is Breezango’s Time to Shine


Whether it’s a win or loss, Breezango will get a chance to shine in a SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match at WWE Backlash.

Shane McMahon has called WWE Smackdown ‘The Land of Opportunity’.  The slogan has been true for the likes of Alexa Bliss, Jinder Mahal, and Bray Wyatt.  Now the line is making its way into the Tag Team Division.  Even though Smackdown has been doing incredibly well, the Tag Team Division hasn’t been given the focus that other divisions have had over time.  That looks to change at WWE Backlash.

Several weeks ago, the team of Breezango shocked the WWE Universe by becoming the Number One Contenders for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship.  They would win the Beat the Clock challenge to move forward in facing The Usos at WWE Backlash.  This is a great chance for both Fandango and Tyler Breeze to make a bigger impact than ever before.

Some months back, we had listed Breezango as potential opponents for American Alpha when they captured the Tag Team Championships.  More than likely that was a laugh out of the room scenario, however with the lack of depth in the division they seemed the most logical choice versus The Ascension.  There had been a little bit of focus on them, which led me to think maybe there was a slow burn in terms of a push.  Now that has become a reality of sorts, the company may seem to be on board with the Fashion Police of Smackdown.

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For Breezango, they’re making lemons out of lemonade.  The gimmick may be cheesy, but for their rather eccentric characters, it really worked pairing the two together.  Breeze has been under the post-NXT curse of failing to make an impact on the main roster.  Fandango found himself in storylines here and there but nothing concrete.  Becoming a successful tag team would be the icing on the cake for both men after struggling to make a bigger impact on the main roster.  The main problem for Breezango is many don’t take them seriously.   WWE Backlash could change that.

The worst thing that could happen for the match is that it will be short.  Both teams have a story to tell that could make up for the lack of focus – timing is essential.  The Usos heel turn has been toned down however, that could also change at Backlash.  While the hardcore fans are behind Breezango, having the odds against them leading to the match and after will help them gain the favor of the crowd.    Both teams deserve the attention and with a successful match can lead to potentially a more stable feud.

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Whether they win or lose, don’t judge a book by its cover when it comes to Breezango.  Both men are talented and the chance has been a long time coming.  Backlash gives the team a chance to prove that they are worthy contenders.   The consistency of opportunity on the brand may be the best thing that could have happened to this team.  As long as people are on board with Breezango they may be just getting started in the Tag Team Division.