WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 8

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Dean Ambrose In Charge

I refuse to believe Dean Ambrose uses a stock ringtone. There’s no way.

Anyway, Kurt Angle didn’t make the trip to London, so he named Ambrose the Acting General Manager for tonight. OR SO WE THOUGHT.

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Before Dean can get too far into his plan for the evening, out comes The Miz and Maryse. His big news: Stephanie McMahon named him as the Co-Acting General Manager. Apparently, Stephanie is still convalescing, but can meddle in Angle’s business when the show leaves the Western Hemisphere.

As the rest of us all recoil in terror about the prospect of Miz and Ambrose directing Raw – look, it’s not gonna be pretty – out comes Braun Strowman, selling his injuries from Payback. (Although, recent rumors indicate the sling may be more necessary than just for story purposes.) Braun wants Roman Reigns, so he can “end him” and move on to Brock Lesnar.

The parade of interruptions continued with Kalisto, who says he’s not done with Braun. Strowman laughs, as well he should, and intimates that he can beat Kalisto with one arm. And Dean Ambrose, who was clearly not prepared for being GM, uses that as ammo to make a match between Kalisto and Strowman.

But the segment comes full circle with Miz being put in a match against Finn Balor. You know, Ambrose started the night by saying when he’s in charge, no one stands around and blathers on. But that was an awful lot of talking to get to Miz vs. Balor (and Kalisto vs. His Doom).