4 Ways Braun Strowman’s Injury Will Impact WWE Raw

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1. Great Balls of Fire Main Event

The Great Balls of Fire main event takes precedence over Extreme Rules, because Strowman had been the rumored Universal Championship opponent for Brock Lesnar. It was going to be the first match with this title on the line since WrestleMania 33.

When Great Balls of Fire happens on Sunday, July 9, it would be around the end of Strowman’s 4-8 week timetable. However, WWE relying on him in a big title match, as he comes back, just to be thrown around with Lesnar, is a dangerous thing to ask. So, it’s better off saving the former Wyatt Family member for SummerSlam in August.

Who steps up to Lesnar then? Well, there’s Balor, for starters. The Demon King proclaimed his desire for the Universal Championship on Raw, saying he never got defeated for the belt, given WWE stripped him of the belt, due to injury. He probably makes the most sense of the available options.

Rollins is a potential contender. However, it depends on how his feud continues with Joe.

Reigns will always be mentioned as a possibility. But if WWE wants to save him for WrestleMania 34, then they’re going to have to attempt working around the obvious.

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We should see the Universal Championship scene develop soon. Whoever gets Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire is probably in for a beating, though.