Chris Jericho’s 5 Best Moments with ‘The List’

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4. “I want the list, not breathing!”

As it was starting to pick up traction as the newest catchphrase in his arsenal, “The List of Jericho” would up and go missing with less than a week until Hell in a Cell.

With a big-time triple threat match scheduled in for that night’s Raw, Jericho would be in a race against the clock in pursuit of his prized possession, with the implication that if he didn’t find the list – and subsequently didn’t compete that night out of protest – he would be suspended indefinitely by Stephanie McMahon.

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This took Jericho on quite a journey, as Seth Rollins revealed himself to be behind the disappearance and that if Jericho wanted the list back, he’d have to “come and get it”. During this night, not only did Jericho flourish in the spotlight, but we witnessed a number of moments that are also quite amusing in hindsight.

For one, Rollins’ attempts to create dispersion between Jeri-KO displayed a subtle hint of animosity between the two, months before they went on to face each other at WrestleMania in one of this year’s hottest rivalries.

On top of this, we saw Jericho interact with a handful of WWE Superstars in his quest backstage; mocking Jinder Mahal’s breathing exercises, belittling the Titus brand and exclaiming that he and Stephanie have never had a cross word between them – which those aware of Jericho’s early years in WWE will know to be false.

It culminated in Jericho finding Braun Strowman with the list, and pleading with the big man to return it to him. Once he had, Jericho would then utter the now famous words that the evening’s preceding moments were all leading to, as he got back in his element and put “the monster among men” on the list of Jericho.

It was a whole evening of action booked solely around the story of Chris Jericho and his brand new catchphrase, and it all went off without a hitch.