Chris Jericho’s 5 Best Moments with ‘The List’

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2. “It seems that we have a lost child at ringside.”

When it was first announced that five of Monday Night Raw’s top individuals would be squaring off with that of SmackDown Live for brand supremacy at Survivor Series, it was met with hesitance and disdain from a rather large portion of the audience.

After all, Survivor Series is one of the “big four” pay-per-views in WWE, and the inclusion of both AJ Styles and Kevin Owens in this match all but eliminated the possibility of a main event-tier championship match at such a prestigious event.

That was, however, until the first face-to-face encounter between both teams.

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This segment perfectly sold the match, as even with all the inner turmoil among the likes of Owens and Reigns, and Ambrose and Styles respectively, enemies were willing to let bygones be bygones for one week to prove why they were on the superior brand.

Who shined in this segment? None other than Chris Jericho.

At the height of his allegiance to Kevin Owens, Jericho utilized his quick wit and immeasurable charisma to turn his attention to “The Phenomenal One”.

The implied throwback to Jericho and Styles’ spectacular rivalry earlier in the year shined through and gave some great perspective as Jericho added his old nemesis to his already growing list of stupid idiots. But it didn’t stop there.

Noticing the so-called mascot of team blue, Jericho launched his verbal attacks towards James Ellsworth – whose popularity was at its peak during the segment.

Jericho hilariously likened Ellsworth to a child, as well as a chinless chairman of the board, in his efforts to make SmackDown Live look weak heading into Sunday.

The match would ultimately rock the house in Toronto, but it was the collective efforts of everyone involved in this segment – with particular reference to Jericho – that led to the match getting underway with a pre-existing full head of steam.