WWE Raw: Predicting Goldust’s Future


What lies ahead for Goldust after turning heel and attacking his tag team partner R-Truth?

The Golden Truth is no more after Goldust brutally turned on his tag team partner R-Truth this week. Goldust would attack R-Truth relentlessly putting the exclamation point on a tag team that failed to reach its full potential. Created to be reminiscent of the former tag team between the Bizarre one and Booker T, these two never got a good footing in the tag division.

Monday night’s attack brought an abrupt end to an alliance that was formed over a lengthy storyline. The buildup to the team’s formation was tediously long, and perhaps the best things to come out of the entire angle would be Breezango. Fans would remember it was in the midst of the whole Golden Truth saga that Tyler Breeze and Fandango’s team was formed.

Now that the Bizarre one is once again a singles star what does the future hold for him? The 48-year-old has been on a fantastic stint with the WWE throughout his latest run. Goldust would return to WWE during the peak of the authority angle to battle Randy Orton. The veteran would surprise the fans and deliver a solid bout that night. This would then result in the formation of the Rhodes Brothers tag team that would eventually capture the tag team gold.

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This was the highest point in Goldust’s run. From there, things would take a downward spiral. The duo would lose the tag titles and Rhodes would eventually become Stardust. The chain of Bizarre events would continue and finally lead to the formation of the Golden Truth. Now that, the veteran is once again free from all shackles, he could start fresh in the WWE. He is still a solid worker from an in-ring standpoint. However, where does the Bizarre one’s ceiling lie? Is he a Universal championship worthy star? Frankly speaking, under today’s main event scene composing of Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe, Goldust would have a hard time convincing the fans he belongs out there. However, if this veteran star were to take a step down, he would be an excellent addition to Raw’s mid-card scene.

Goldust would be a welcome addition to the fray that composes primarily of the Miz and Dean Ambrose. He could provide some fresh pairing to this mix as well. Moreover, this would enable him to participate in tag matches and face more of the established main eventers like Rollins. Lastly, a run with the Intercontinental title could do a world of good to his career.

It goes without saying the Bizarre one is moving towards the final phases of his long career. He has achieved glory both as a singles performer and a tag team specialist. Going solo and mixing it up with other stars of the new era could be what revitalizes him now. Oddly, it would be intriguing to see Apollo Crews working with Goldust as well. That would have been a much better pairing than Titus O’Neil and Crews.

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As it stands, Goldust and R-Truth would have a mini feud and possibly a match at Extreme Rules. Whether that ends up in the mid-card or below would rely solely on the creative team. The Bizarre one’s role and direction afterward are what fans could be curious about. What are your thoughts on this?