Is WWE Missing an Opportunity Not Using Bullet Club?


Is the WWE missing an opportunity to have a Bullet Club stable?

Bullet Club was and is still the hottest thing going in professional wrestling today. The faction best known for paying homage to the NWO and DX has spanned the wrestling world. Bullet Club first formed in Spring 2013 with current WWE superstars Finn Balor and Karl Anderson at the helm. Throughout the years the group would expand, adding names like The Young Bucks, Doc Gallows, AJ Styles, Adam Cole, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and most recently Marty Scurll.

One positive that Bullet Club has been able to achieve that the NWO failed on was how they handled their expansion. The NWO grew until it reached a point where the group was watered down. When a new member joins Bullet Club it in most cases means a current member has been kicked out. The night Styles was brought in it was only after Balor was kicked out. Marty Scurll joined the group at the most recent Ring of Honor pay per view, it was only after a beatdown of Adam Cole.

This leads us to the current state of Bullet Club. The faction has its claws buried in every major wrestling company. However, the only company that hasn’t fully embraced Bullet Club is WWE. They teased Bullet Club in WWE when they grouped Styles, Gallows, and Anderson. They called the team, The Club and would often mention their past in Japan. The group would be split up rather quickly and never fully reached their potential. Since his call-up to the main roster, we have seen Finn Balor, with his Balor Club, tease a relationship as well, never coming to fruition.

When looking at how strong Bullet Club is not only as a group and how they function but financially as well, it’s confusing that the WWE has never made a true attempt at the group. That is where I wonder how much could the WWE be missing out on by not embracing Bullet Club. I understand with intellectual property it would be almost impossible for WWE to get the true name, but like last summer, just run it under the banner of The Club. This would allow them to garner a similar enough name and to fully embrace the history these men have from Japan.

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The marketing alone would make it worthwhile. For the short run that The Club had, they were one of the most popular acts each week on television. If WWE were to place Gallows, Anderson and Balor together and then possibly shift AJ back into the group, the possibilities are endless. The most logical would be a Four Horsemen style run where The Club would hold all the belts. Then that leads to action figure packs, video game downloads, shirts, etc. The cash machine would be working overtime to keep up with the merch sales.

That is an ideal world, the creative team would have to really give them some meat to chew on though.  You can’t pull the trigger (no pun intended) and have the chamber be empty. Something as big as a full Club faction within the WWE banner would need a serious program to work. No New Day comedy sketches, no testicle jokes, they need to be just as they were in Japan and have serious opposition.

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This is something that would be beneficial to Balor, Gallows, and Anderson. Balor came to the main roster with a rocket on his back but was quickly injured. Since his return though it feels as if he may be missing a spark. Since their debut, Gallows and Anderson have not been used to their potential barring the short run of The Club. A quick tag title run and back to obscurity has been their story. Who knows what the future may hold, this may just be wishful thinking. But in times like these, this could be just the shot in the arm that the show could use.