WWE SmackDown Live: Ranking All the Cinderella Stories

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Credit: WWE

2. Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal would win the biggest title in SmackDown Live and send shock waves across the WWE Universe. Within six weeks, the Maharaja went from number one Jobber to number one contender for the WWE title and eventually, your new WWE champion. The fans are still deliberating whether or not this was the right decision. We still don’t know how committed WWE is to this idea.

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Regardless, for the moment, Mahal holds the most prestigious title in all of WWE. That should essentially make him number one on this list. However, there was one small problem. Mahal is yet to rise up to the occasion. Every other person found a way to rise to the occasion and deliver a standout bout. Mahal is yet to do the same.Moreover, every other star on this list was built over many weeks as opposed to Jinder Mahal. His big moment could perhaps be still in the making. However, for the time being, we saw Mahal go up against some of the best in the WWE. These names include Finn Balor, Sami Zayn and AJ Styles. But we are yet to see a standout moment from Mahal in terms of in-ring action.

This is not meant to be a criticism for Mahal in any way. He has improved drastically when compared to his initial run. The man once failed to beat El Torito of all the people in the WWE. Going from there to winning the WWE title is quite the accomplishment for any professional wrestler.

Winning the most prestigious title boosts Mahal’s ranking by a lot. The Indo-Canadian wrestler could still improve a lot when it comes to in-ring action though. However, for the moment, he would thrive as a legitimate heel champion. The fans would love to boo him. As long as he generates loud reactions, he would continue to do his part well.