WWE: Credibility and Fixing What Isn’t Broken


WWE didn’t get the memo that both Alexa Bliss and Bayley didn’t need the dreadful “This is Your Life” segment.  Sometimes some segments should stay in the past.

It never seems to fail that the WWE has a hot angle or character going before the creative team puts their spin on it.  In other words, it is almost like they find a way to ruin what the said story had going for them.  It’s been going on way too long and for it to be the new era, it must stop.

Recent examples:  Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman – both were victims of disjointed storylines going into WrestleMania.  Thankfully the Strowman-Roman Reigns angle was salvaged just a bit, but I’m still upset Joe didn’t get a spot on the Mania card.  That’s another story for another day.

Another good example that is recent – House of Horrors match.  The storyline with Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton was the hottest angle on Smackdown for months.  For it to end on something that was the Boiler Room Brawl recreation (let’s not get started on the attention to detail or lack thereof), it was a disservice to both men who arguably created one of the best storylines in years.

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How about Sasha Banks?  Looking at her history, she’s being used to promote 205 Live in a small feud with Alicia Fox.  Not that there is anything wrong with Fox, but Banks and Bayley’s current angles are a far cry away from their NXT glory days.

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The same goes for Alexa Bliss and Bayley, who participated in a “This is Your Life” segment on Raw this past Monday night.  While the first one in 1999 was wildly popular, for me it was cringeworthy.  Last night’s segment on Raw proved that “This is Your Life” still is eighteen years later.  What purpose did it really serve?  Bliss has been humiliating Bayley from the jump – it was the same dish but presented differently.

Bliss is perhaps the best thing on Raw in recent weeks.  However “This is Your Life” did absolutely no favors for her or Bayley.  Back to what I said about creative, that segment was the one thing that potentially kills Bliss’ momentum and the feud credibility going into Extreme Rules on Sunday.  Bliss has had an amazing year, why ruin that?

Even with Bayley, who has the accolade of participating in one of the greatest WWE Women’s matches of all time, is struggling with her mic work to which didn’t help the situation going in.  Having her as a part of “This is Your Life” made it absolutely worse.  Why do that to her?

The saying goes, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’.  The segments and story are supposed to build the talents, not destroy them.  Maybe the company got the message when it purposely edited out the segment on their recap video on YouTube.  Put it simply the company has to do better with what they have to work with.  They have the talent, but it’s like they have no idea what to do with many of them.

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Bliss is strong enough to bounce back from the segment – if The Rock and Mick Foley can rise above that, so can she.  Bayley’s better at showing her work in the ring and it should stay that way. Their match at Payback was great, and Sunday should be no exception.  Let’s just hope everyone forgets that “This is Your Life” happened to them.