WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Who Needs Main Event Win the Most?

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1. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe comes in at No. 1 here for a very simple reason: He’s done absolutely nothing noteworthy since being brought up from NXT.

When he was called up, he started off with a bang in terms of being the ‘enforcer’ for Triple H and ultimately injuring Seth Rollins for real, but since then he hasn’t done anything that I can even remember being relevant.

He’s a pretty good heel, comes across as a guy you wouldn’t like, and is also (out of these five) one of the more believable opponents for Brock Lesnar.

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Also, it feels like the winner of this match could prove to be a one-and-done deal to hold over a Braun Strowman return, and Joe is the perfect guy for that because he gets a boost from even being in the match and even if he’s booked to lose against Lesnar (which he will), it doesn’t make him look any less strong and that could lead to other things for Joe.

That’s where the difference comes in between Joe and Bray Wyatt: Booking Wyatt in a one-and-done could be a dangerous concept.

If the ending to the triple threat match provides any foreshadowing for what’s to come in this match, Joe doesn’t really even need to win it cleanly—he could steal the win from someone who could ultimately be his next feud after Lesnar takes care of him.

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The WWE has created quite the pickle for themselves here.

Let’s see what they do about it creatively.