WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 5

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Number One Contender Sends A Message To The Champion

This was shaping up to be a promo for the ages from Joe. It was damn near perfect – right up until he had to suppress a smile at the mention of “Great Balls of Fire.” It’s such a stupid name for a pay per view, and it is going to make this next five weeks absolutely brutal. If Samoa Joe has trouble getting through his terrific monologue without hiding a snicker, what is Roman Reigns gonna do? Oof.

But other than that, the only thing missing from Joe’s diatribe was a “REEEEEGAAAALLLLLLLL!” If Kurt Angle gets replaced because of this mystery text message thing, please bring up William Regal, huh? Just to get him and Joe interacting again would be phenomenal.

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Now, normally, when Paul Heyman comes down to the ring, things usually take a turn for the better. Tonight was no different. Heyman weaves a story like few others can, and the prospect of Heyman and Joe trading barbs for a month is exciting. Joe is one of the few who can hang with Heyman.

But I was not expecting how the segment came to an end. How terrifying must it be to have your very painful future described to you in excruciating detail? Not only that, but in such a calm and patient manner? Joe is like a sociopath here, and it’s a great wrinkle to the story. It’s a hell of a way to send a message to Brock Lesnar, and it makes the next month seem like it’ll be much more exciting.

Backstage, Joe threatens Kurt Angle until Seth Rollins shows up because time is a flat circle. There’s your main event, folks. Again.