WWE Names First Entrants for the Mae Young Classic


WWE has announced the first four women that will be in this summer’s Mae Young Classic.

One year after having success with the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, a similar tournament will take place, except with some of the top female wrestlers in the world. It’s called the Mae Young Classic, an event dedicated to the late Mae Young, who provided contributions to the wrestling business for decades.

All that had been known about this is the title and dates for taping. Nothing was announced on any of the 32 competitors, until Friday afternoon.

WWE revealed its first four talents for the Mae Young Classic, in an article on WWE.com. Two names will be familiar to NXT fans, while the others have found success around the world.

The first name is Toni Storm. She’s a 21-year-old wrestler from New Zealand, and recently became the PROGRESS Women’s Champion. WWE has loosely worked with PROGRESS for the past year, with its own United Kingdom shows developing.

Entrant No. 2 is Princesa Sugehit. She’s the Mexican National Women’s Champion in CMLL and a long-time veteran of lucha libre promotions in Mexico.

Sarah Logan, formerly known as Crazy Mary Dobson, is the third participant. She signed with WWE in October 2016, and has appeared on multiple episodes of NXT.

Lacey Evans may be the most well-known name to NXT fans, as she’s wrestled a handful of TV matches this spring. She signed with the Leader in Sports Entertainment in April 2016, and formerly served in the United States Marine Corps.

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These are just the first of 32 competitors for the Mae Young Classic, the rest of whom will potentially be announced soon. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of names to choose from in the women’s wrestling world, so who could be next for this summer’s tournament?