WWE SmackDown Live: Who Attacked Tyler Breeze?


The Fashion Police have found themselves a new case, but who are the culprits behind Tyler Breeze’s most recent attack?

On the latest episode of the Fashion Files, Fandango stumbled across his fallen partner who appeared to have been attacked. Luckily, Tyler Breeze was able to see his attackers and described them to Deputy Dango.

The description was very detailed. We now know that the culprits have dry skin, greasy hair, and may or may not have one or two arms. If that description isn’t obvious enough, Fandango drew an incredibly accurate sketch of the two attackers.

Still not sure who it is? Well, neither do any of us, but I do have a few ideas. We can at least assume from the drawing that it was a tag team that attacked Breeze. So, we have The New Day, The Colóns, The Usos, American Alpha, The Hype Bros, and The Ascension as suspects.

The Usos have already feuded with Breezango before and are in the middle of their own feud with The New Day, so both of those teams can be eliminated from suspicion.

The Colóns and The Ascension have also already feuded with Breezango, so it would not make sense for either of these teams to be responsible for Breeze’s attack.

So, that just leaves The Hype Bros and American Alpha as suspects. Well, the Hype Bros have just recently reformed and believe they are deserved a title shot. They have claimed they need to speak with Shane McMahon about this opportunity, and there is no reason to turn this face team that got over into heels just yet.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of reason for American Alpha to not only turn heel but be the attackers that beat down Breeze. The duo of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable did wonders in NXT, but their success in developmental just was not translating to the main roster. The stale face duo dropped the belts to the hotter heels of The Usos.

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Since then, American Alpha has fallen off a cliff and have not even been featured on SmackDown Live or Talking Smack. Also, it should be noted that American Alpha would have been No. 1 contenders if Breezango didn’t beat the Clock on an episode of SmackDown Live.

These factors can cause frustration to build for the former SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions, and it makes for a perfectly reasonable cause for American Alpa to turn heel against Breezango.

A feud between Breezango and a newly turned American Alpha can help the career path for both teams. Breezango does not have much credibility as wrestlers, and taking on two of the best wrestlers that are former champs can help them in that respect. Likewise, American Alpha did not have much character as faces, but taking on the comedic duo of Breezango can help recreate American Alpha into interesting heel characters.

Also, let’s not forget that both of these men have two arms, Gable could have greasy hair, and I guess Jordan would be the one with dry skin. It looks like this case is solved for the Fashion Police.

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Who do you think attacked Breeze? Sound off in the comments below.