WWE Stripping Carmella of Money in the Bank Was the Wrong Move


Carmella was the first ever Miss Money in the Bank, and she was also the first woman to get the briefcase stripped from her.

Last Sunday, Carmella made history by being the first ever to win the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Well, I should say that Ellsworth was the first to do so since he climbed the ladder and unhooked the briefcase.

Everyone on Twitter, fans and WWE Superstars included, were trashing the end of this match. This is because having a man win the first women’s Money in the Bank match for a woman tainted the historic moment and pushed back the progress of the Women’s Revolution in wrestling.

So, Daniel Bryan being the righteous man that he is, decided that this was an unacceptable ending to the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and stripped Carmella of her briefcase.

When will WWE learn to stick with their booking decisions? By taking the briefcase away from Carmella, Daniel Bryan also took away all of the momentum she had behind her as a heel.

When Carmella and Ellsworth came out for their promo to open up the show, they received massive heat from the crowd. Carmella seemed to thrive with her promo and looked like she could be a top heel and eventually a successful champion for SmackDown Live.

That was until Daniel Bryan took the briefcase away from Carmella. Now, instead of everyone hating Carmella for ruining a historic moment, people will feel sorry for her for losing the briefcase that Daniel Bryan even admitted she won fair and square.

Even if Carmella does end up winning the briefcase again in the rematch next week, it just won’t be the same. This is because people will actually be behind Carmella now that she is fighting to reclaim the briefcase, and if she does grab the briefcase, she will be cheered for winning it the right way.

So, no matter the outcome of this rematch, Carmella’s character that had every chance to thrive with the briefcase will have her legs completely chopped from underneath her.

Also, the whole point of this rematch is to recreate the historic moment of having the first women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. The only problem is that there can only be one first.

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Looking back in 10 years, it will not be the ladder match on an episode of SmackDown Live that will be remembered as the first. It will be the ladder match that ended up being won by a man at the Money in the Bank PPV.

The moment can not be erased from history, so WWE should have just ran with the heat that was created from it. Instead, WWE decided to get rid of all heat on Carmella and made the women’s division even less relevant by having their Money in the Bank ladder match on an episode of SmackDown Live.

If WWE was going to be so focused on doing what’s right, they should have just had a clean finish to begin with. The only way Carmella could possibly get her heat back (and maybe some more) would be if Ellsworth does the same exact thing he did at Money in the Bank.

However, it looks like that will not be in the cards. We will likely see someone like Becky retrieve the briefcase and bring back the “legitimacy” of the women’s division along with her big push, while Carmella gets bumped back to the sidelines.

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WWE just loves to troll their fans, and redoing the Money in the Bank after Carmella’s “fluke win is just another sad example of that.