WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for June 26

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Realest Guys Bring the Drama

Real talk: The Realest Guys in the Room may possibly be the realest characters on Raw.

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Enzo reacted to the events of last week exactly how one would expect him to. As much of a motormouth he is, he’s not stupid. He’s smart enough to know – and admit – that Cass was right about what he said. Enzo gets himself in trouble, and he knows he talks too much but it’s okay – because he had backup from his “brother.”

And because Enzo is so damn good on the mic, you can really tell that he means everything he said. He’s got tears in his eyes, his voice is practically breaking – this isn’t a character, this is real.

When Cass comes out, you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. There’s no way that you can unring the bell from last week, so any potential reunion would be short lived. Honestly, I figured that the “reunion” would last until Great Balls of Fire, with a number one contenders match that Enzo and Cass would lose (probably because of Enzo in some way).

But the way this played out, it was a great way to really mess with the emotions of the crowd. And that’s good story telling (and you can’t teach that). The fans were so against Cass that they didn’t want to even let him speak. But then he seemed to make amends, and the crowd popped big time. Everyone was happy – until they weren’t.

And that complete 180 on the emotion spectrum is thanks to two guys who weren’t just characters, but had real reasons for real actions. That’s why character development is so important in pro wrestling, and such a shame when it gets glossed over. Give the fans reasons to react.