Could the WWE Raw Women’s Championship Be in Nia Jax’s Future?


Nia Jax fell short in the gauntlet match on this week’s Raw, but is that a sign of things to come?

It goes without saying that Nia Jax is the monster of the Raw Women’s Division.  Fierce, intimidating, and ruthless can be used to describe her presence in the ring.  Jax made that clear in the gauntlet match on Raw this week.  This is perhaps one of her better performances since coming onto the main roster last summer.

In addition, her heel work has improved and will continue to do so.  For example, after making easy work of the likes of Bayley and Mickie James, Jax underestimated the final gauntlet entrant Sasha Banks.  Banks made use of her resourcefulness and fought tooth and nail to survive the match.  As the bad guy, Jax saw Banks as a threat and thus she tried to eliminate Banks the cheap and easy way.  Her efforts to get Banks counted out were different and it bode well for both talents as fans kept rallying on for Banks.  It was good storytelling, and it did Jax many favors as she continues to improve on her ringwork.

Corey Graves said on Monday’s Raw that what Jax lacks in experience she makes up for in power.  That statement definitely rings true, as the power is Jax’s biggest asset.  With how she plowed through much of the women in the gauntlet match, actions certainly spoke louder than words in Jax’s case.  With tuning up and hard work, she could very well be holding gold sooner rather than later.

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The dominance that Jax displayed on Raw speaks volumes for what could be in her future.  If the company wants Jax to be that dominant heel, then after this past Raw she should rack up the wins.  The wins should back up the dominance that she brings to the ring.  The biggest factor that works against her is that she has lost in just about every big match she has participated in.  That must change from this point forward.

Monday night is not the last time we will see the two ladies tangle.  To be fair, Jax does hold a win over Banks.  So the two ladies already have history, and after their match on Raw, the rivalry deserves much more.  It never really got off to a good start but the company can change that given the right time.  With Alexa Bliss being the hot topic in the Raw Women’s Division, her feud with Banks has to pass first.

If Banks were to dethrone Bliss at Great Balls of Fire, certainly Jax will be one of the first women to come after her.  It would be a new chapter in their rivalry for sure and add to it.  The potential of what Jax and Banks can accomplish is huge.  They have great chemistry in the ring together which helps tremendously.  It is a David and Goliath scenario that can have fans wanting more if done right.

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While it is a little too soon for Jax to be in the Raw Women’s Championship picture, don’t rule it out for her just yet.  This past Monday’s gauntlet match may be the start of something bigger for Jax.  The potential is there, and now it is time to capitalize on it.