WWE: A Week Where Women’s Wrestling Flourished


In WWE it is not often that you see the women main event a show. This week history was made as both Raw and SmackDown Live saw the Women hit the main event scene.

WWE has been trying to re-brand the women’s division for a while now. Gone are the days where divas competed in a variety of matches for entertainment’s sake. Gone are the days where the Diva’s and Women’s championships were on the line in gimmicky evening gown matches. The new era has been open to Women’s Wrestling as a sport and as an art.

As such, the Women’s revolution has been a sight to see in the WWE. For a company that used to value looks above talent when it came to this division, the developments have been staggering.

From NXT, the four horsewomen had elevated Women’s Wrestling to a never-before-seen level. 2017 would be a year where history is being made in multiple ways. From the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell match to the historic Women’s Money in the Bank match, everything has been about creating history.

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Coincidentally, another piece of history would occur this week. Both Raw and SmackDown Live being the company’s flagship shows, would feature women’s main event matches. Yes, you read it right.

The women were main-events and closed out both shows in what might be the first time in the WWE.

On Monday, the Banks, Jax and company competed in the main event match to determine the new number one contender for the Raw Women’s Championship. However, in comparison, it was Tuesday’s main event that captivated the audience.

Creative, in an all-out attempt to correct any and all blemishes from the first Women’s MITB match came up with an almost perfect match. Not only did it feature intense spots and ample teases, but the level of athleticism and talent on display here was amazing. In addition, compared to Raw, SmackDown delivered a strong in-ring story as well.

Monday night was primarily about Jax’s dominance and Bank’s resilience. In that attempt, creative inadvertently sacrificed the credibility of other female performers like Bayley and Emma. However, on Tuesday, every single woman was presented as a genuine star. Charlotte and Lynch were treated like real stars. Tamina would be booked as a legitimate bad ass. Natalya’s technical skills were on full display. Finally, Carmella’s sneakiness was on full display.

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In the end, the right women went over and the fans couldn’t have felt more fulfilled. However, the real winner is Women’s Wrestling. WWE has now clearly gotten past its former era of Divas and is not fully immersed in the era of Women’s Wrestling. The fans can now hope to witness many more instances of history being rewritten by these Women.