WWE Great Balls of Fire: Strowman Can Turn the WWE Fans Against Him

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1. Strowman should stop giving the fans what they want

It may seem counter-productive to suggest WWE stop catering to its fans in any sense, but it makes sense when the person giving us what we want is the bad guy.

Braun Strowman has stepped forward over the last year as a destructive individual with no boundaries, and a mission to run through everyone on the roster until he’s satisfied with his position in the company. What that essentially means is that nobody in WWE is going to be safe until Strowman is standing firmly on top of it.

Pair that mind-set with Strowman’s sheer stature and physique, and you have one of the most intriguing men to set foot in the company over the last half-decade.

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Simply put, people want to see Strowman run through the roster like a hot knife through butter, because it’s exciting, and it’s different from what is considered the norm in today’s WWE.

The only problem is that the guy does it every week!

How can you get the fans to boo a man who provides them with the action and destruction they yearn for? The answer is simple; take it away from them.

The next time Strowman comes down to the ring to beat Roman Reigns up – maybe after a hard-fought match so he can’t defend himself – the smart thing to do would simply be to turn around and walk away without laying a single hand on him. If needs be, he can say that he wants to save it for the pay-per-view.

It’s a simple and, quite frankly, overused tactic in WWE that puts the heat exactly where it belongs and makes the babyface look like a tough athlete while the heel is painted like a coward, but in this scenario it could actually work well.

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It gets the fans in attendance to boo Strowman for getting their hopes up, and with the added explanation that he wants to wait until Great Balls of Fire, Strowman doesn’t necessarily lose any of the toughness that makes him so fun to watch.