WWE Raw: Booking Issues with Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe


A look at why a number one contender’s match between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe on WWE Raw is a bad idea.

Prior to the Great Balls of Fire PPV, Roman Reigns had announced on WWE Raw that he would be challenging for the WWE Universal title at SummerSlam. On Sunday though, he would end up on the losing side courtesy of a spear. Reigns would miss his mark and go straight into the Ambulance instead of hitting Braun Strowman. An irate Reigns would come back from the ambulance to deal with Strowman in a brutal segment unseen on WWE TV in the PG era.

On Monday, Reigns would return to state his claims for a shot at the Universal title. The Big Dog would address the audience, Kurt Angle, Lesnar and Paul Heyman this week on WWE Raw. However, not long into the promo, he would be interrupted by Samoa Joe. Joe made it clear that Reigns was yet to beat him one on one. In essence, this would lead to a number one contender’s match next week on WWE Raw.

Reigns vs Joe is always a money match. They have had a couple of good if not great matches. Moreover, Joe is red-hot from his feud with Brock Lesnar. It goes without saying that the WWE Universe would be clamoring for a second match between the two of them. As such, one more title match between them at this year’s SummerSlam, with Joe finally getting his hands on the top prize would be ideal. Enter Roman Reigns. The Big Dog has both his feet firmly planted as the new face of the WWE. His actions may not necessarily reflect a babyface. After all, a babyface doesn’t necessarily try to murder their opponent by crashing an ambulance with them inside. Regardless, Reigns is being pioneered to be the next mega star in the WWE.

Throw in a vocal portion of the fans’ hatred for Reigns and creative has a very large problem on their hands. The narrative of Reigns not being able to defeat Joe could have been reiterated as a catalyst to get him over next week. From where I stand, there is absolutely every chance that Joe would fall to the Big Dog next week courtesy of a spear from the former Universal Champion.

If the match comes to such an ending, creative would be digging holes for themselves. That result would give the fans a reason to boo Reigns even more. In addition, they would also hinder Joe’s momentum big time. Losing to Lesnar after putting him through a table is something. However, losing to Reigns cleanly would be an entirely different agenda.

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It looks like Roman’s push would continue at the expense of Samoa Joe next week. The ideal scenario would be for Joe to go over or for creative to have a triple threat or even a Fatal Four-way match with Strowman in the mix. However, what lies ahead could potentially raise some eyebrows. Especially if Reigns beats Joe cleanly next week.