WWE SmackDown Live: Ranking the Top 3 Fashion Files So Far

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3. Breezango Charge The Usos With Multiple Crimes

This edition of the Fashion Files aired on May 2, 2017, during SmackDown Live. The segment featured Breezango talking trash about the Usos and their sense of fashion. Some of the lines here were absolutely brilliant. Right off the bat, we are given an opening sequence that goes like “In the modeling and fashionista industry, outfit based offenses are considered especially repulsive. In the WWE Universe, dedicated garment gumshoers who investigate these faux pas’ are members of an elite squad known as ‘The Fashion Police.’ These are their stories.”

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Right away the audience knew there was something to laugh about. As I said before, Breeze and Dango carry themselves around like legit bosses and say some of the funniest lines with such precision and laser focus as though they are indeed two hot police officers of the law. There is a ton of stuff in the background that captures the eyes of all fans. A portrait of Ric Flair much like an idol is a prime example. There are also pictures of other top stars like John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura with some really funny captions if you can find them.

However, the funniest bit of the entire segment is when Breeze says “Oh that’s Jeywalking”. Fandango immediately responds “and Jimmy-walking”. You couldn’t help but burst into laughter reiterating the lines over and over in your head. This is one of the first episodes that really brought the Fashion Files to the fans. Which other episodes were better than this? Read on.