WWE SummerSlam 2017: What If Brock Lesnar Actually Leaves?


Brock Lesnar is WWE’s hottest commodity and current WWE Universal Champion, so what will happen if he actually leaves the company?

On an edition of RAW, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar’s advocate, proclaimed that the Beast Incarnate would leave the WWE if he did not come out victorious in the Fatal Four-Way for the WWE Universal Championship.

While this may just be an attempt to add more intrigue into the match or possibly set up a match further down the line between The Beast and RAW‘s General Manager, Kurt Angle, there could potentially be some truth to Paul Heyman’s words.

There were rumblings of rumors about Lesnar thinking about returning to UFC. This was because Heyman and Lesnar were both seen at UFC official meeting that likely had to do with his suspension and the possibility of making a return to that company.

WithLesnar’s contract expiring right after WrestleMania 34, these rumors could end up proving to be true after the end of April. However, rumors in the wrestling world often do not amount to much, but things got a whole lot more interesting after UFC 214.

Jon “Bones” Jones defeated Daniel Cormier in emphatic fashion, and after the match, Jones called out Lesnar to face him in the octagon.

Lesnar has made a few remarks about a potential Jon Jones fight and has said he would take him on anytime anywhere and for Jones to be careful for what he wishes for.

Now, Lesnar’s contract with WWE expires in late April, and that is around the same time his suspension with UFC will be lifted, and with a big time matchup awaiting Lesnar, it is possible that he leaves the WWE.

Now, what if Lesnar were to leave early? Let’s say Lesnar does lose at SummerSlam. Will Lesnar, with his extremely flexible schedule, opt to sit out the rest of his contract? Will WWE attempt to get him off the screen if they know he will be leaving for UFC?

Well, if Lesnar does lose at SummerSlam, we can expect that it will be an excuse for why he will be off of television. Since Lesnar is such a big draw, WWE will still be able to milk Lesnar for a couple of highly anticipated matchups.

Lesnar will likely be off TV screens after SummerSlam until the build for the Royal Rumble begins. He could put over the current champion at that event in order to transfer his monster aura onto a younger Superstar.

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Then, Lesnar can take time off once again until the Road to WrestleMania begins. There, he can have one last match with RAW GM, Angle. Fans have been calling for Angle to get back in the ring ever since he was named GM, and a match at WrestleMania against The Beast would be the perfect time for it.

The WrestleMania match should just be a high profile draw to help bring money and viewers to the event, similar to the feud Lesnar had with Goldberg, but Lesnar’s Royal Rumble match will be the match that will have a lasting impact on WWE after he leaves.

The three candidates that the former Next Big Thing could do a job for are Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, and Roman Reigns. If one of these three men can defeat Lesnar clean in a one on one match, they will be able to have that “Beast” aura transferred over from Lesnar.

With Lesnar and Reigns both scoring the only WrestleMania wins against The Undertaker, and with all of the support from WWE officials Roman Reigns has to be The Guy, it is likely that Roman Reigns will receive this honor.

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However, a human spectacle like Strowman or vicious monster like Samoa Joe may be a more believable and suitable replacement for a Lesnar type of stud on the roster.

Lesnar’s days in the WWE may be numbered, and if they are, WWE better be using those days wisely in order to build a new star to take his place.