WWE Hell in a Cell 2017: Could Carmella Cash-In?


Will Carmella have a career-defining moment at WWE Hell in a Cell 2017?

At this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV, Carmella and the Money in the Bank briefcase will be lurking in the shadows of the SmackDown Women’s Championship Match. It will be Natalya defending against Charlotte in the match and either Superstar could be vulnerable to a post-match cash-in.

Carmella has held that briefcase since the Money in the Bank PPV in June and her heavy involvement in this current Natalya-Charlotte feud seems to be coming to a head in the very near future.

In the past, Charlotte and Natalya have had plenty of physical matches. Their matches on the original NXT TakeOver and Roadblock 2016 stand out as incredible, grueling matches that should provide a template for their match at Hell in a Cell. If they follow that template, it will be very easy to sell the required post-match exhaustion and vulnerability that’s necessary for a cash-in.

Before we go any further, let’s all accept that whenever Carmella cashes in, she’s going to be successful. There’s no chance that the first-ever Ms. Money in the Bank fails. There’s also no chance that they would do two failed cash-ins in the same year. (Thank you, Baron Corbin.)

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As for the most logical cash-in scenario, that would have to go through Charlotte. Natalya is doing fine heel work, so there’s no reason to turn her face right now. Charlotte was already face, but she is receiving more love than ever before since returning to the ring after her father’s recent health scare. Heel Carmella needs a face to cash-in on and that face is Charlotte.

The pieces are all in place for a cash-in. The question then becomes: how do they execute it?

For starters, as stated above, Natalya and Charlotte have to put on a tough match. Just turn them loose and let them do what they do best.

Natalya going for a cheap victory at the end in a desperate attempt to save the belt would earn her a discussion with the ref, allowing Charlotte to cheat behind the ref’s back to win the title. This finish works as an ode to her fathers “Dirtiest Player in The Game” moniker and it gives Natalya reason for a post-match attack. As Natalya goes to leave, Carmella’s music hits.

A downed Charlotte would be completely vulnerable to an easy cash-in, which gives Carmella and James Ellsworth plenty of opportunity to ham it up. This puts plenty of heat on Carmella and makes sure to keep heat off Charlotte.

In the aftermath, WWE has multiple paths they can take. Natalya and Charlotte would both be owed rematches. This leaves the option for title matches on SmackDown Live in the six-week lull between Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series. It also allows them to scrap that and go with a Triple Threat Match for the title at Survivor Series.

As WWE heads into the winter months, potentially with an unproven champion, the best thing they can do is leave themselves multiple options to work with.

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Regardless of how you may feel about the current title scene, Carmella’s time to cash-in is this Sunday. If WWE doesn’t pull the trigger, they might regret it.