WWE Raw: Could we see a Braun Strowman-Kane tag team?


Could we see a Braun Strowman-Kane alliance on WWE Raw?

As WWE Raw went off the air, we were left with the powerful image of Braun Strowman standing tall next to a returning Kane. And it got me thinking.

Forget about TLC for a moment. The 5-on-3 handicap match with The Shield sells itself. What about beyond that? Could Strowman and Kane dominate the tag team division together? After seeing these two together on Monday night, count me in.

Kane’s return was every bit as exciting as it was shocking on Raw. Like the Big Show, at this stage of his career, less is more for Kane. After almost a year away from the WWE, his return was impactful.

A tag team between these two would be short lived. After all, Kane is 50-years-old. He started wrestling three years before I was born. But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t form a dominant tag team with Strowman to close out 2017.

Think about it this way. Beyond TLC, what are the plans for Strowman? Will he be included in a traditional Survivor Series match against SmackDown opponents? That doesn’t fit The Monster Among Men’s character. Would he really want to team up with four other Superstars to fight for bragging rights?

Strowman wants to beat people up. Particularly if that involves Roman Reigns.

But if Reigns is to move on to other things past Survivor Series, Strowman could settle for the next best thing, which is taking the tag team titles away from Roman’s Shield brothers.

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It’s possible Strowman could continue his one-on-one feud with Reigns in the near future, but would it have the same impact? They’ve put together one of the best rivalries of 2017, but they should go their separate ways once Reigns heads back into single’s competition.

So where would that leave Strowman?

A rematch with Brock Lesnar? With almost no chance of becoming Universal Champion, that would be a waste.

Samoa Joe? It depends on Joe’s availability. For now he remains sidelined due to injury. And this match would have even more impact on a grand stage like WrestleMania.

To avoid simply treading water with The Monster Among Men, why not pit him with another monster and have them dominate everyone in their path? When the timing is right, Strowman can turn on his partner, beat him one-on-one at a pay-per-view and carry the momentum into his next feud.

That way Kane would have a reason to depart and continue his busy schedule outside of the ring. Strowman, meanwhile, would look even stronger after taking down The Big Red Machine.

The Shield should emerge victorious in Sunday’s highly-anticipated main event, but that shouldn’t spell the end for a Strowman-Kane alliance. They could immediately take their frustrations out on The Bar the following night on Raw, before setting their sights on Ambrose and Rollins’ titles.

Whether or not the entire Shield trio stay together for the remainder of 2017 doesn’t matter. In the meantime we could see an excellent battle between the two teams for the tag titles.

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And when the time comes for Kane to take off the mask and step away from the ring, it’ll be Strowman looking a million dollars for it.