WWE Survivor Series 2017: Carmella Should Cash In During Natalya-Alexa Bliss Match


Carmella has shown loyalty to Team SmackDown the past few weeks, but her own personal gain should come first at WWE Survivor Series 2017.

The Princess of Staten Island is currently slated to represent SmackDown in the five-on-five elimination match at next week’s WWE Survivor Series 2017 pay-per-view, but her involvement in the show shouldn’t end there.

Carmella has shown she can put personal differences aside with both Natalya and Charlotte as they prepare to fight for their brand. But that should all change when they least expect it.

It starts in the elimination match. Early on, Carmella should go down with an “injury”, forcing her to retire from the match. She’ll need to be fresh for later on. Why, you ask? Oh, you’ll see.

Nobody can be mad at her. She’s hurt. At least that’s what we think. In reality Carmella is backstage plotting her next move, and that comes during the women’s champion versus champion match between Raw and SmackDown.

Team Red’s champ Alexa Bliss will collide with either current SmackDown title holder Natalya or No. 1 contender Charlotte. The winner of next week’s championship match will go on to face Bliss at Survivor Series, but to Carmella it’s irrelevant who walks out on top.

Fast forward to the women’s match at Survivor Series. For the sake of argument let’s say Charlotte beats Natalya and goes on to face Alexa Bliss. This would give the fans a babyface to root for rather than having an awkward heel-heel combination. It also makes the ultimate payoff all the more interesting.

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Just as Charlotte has the match in hand and looks poised to seal the victory for SmackDown, Carmella runs to the ring and lays Flair out with her briefcase. The time has come. Ladies and gentlemen don’t adjust your television sets, we’re seeing a cash-in during the Survivor Series match.

Following a two-on-one beatdown by Carmella and Bliss, who is thankful she was saved from sure-defeat, the first ever women’s Money in the Bank winner successfully cashes in to become the new champion.

As the WWE continues to draw up creative cash-in attempts, why not do something that’s never been done before?

Yes, Seth Rollins cashed in during the WrestleMania main event, but that was different. Whereas Rollins inserted himself to the contest and made it a triple threat, Carmella would be creating a new match altogether.

The Princess of Staten Island not only cost her team earlier in the night by faking an injury, but she’s now prevented Charlotte from finishing off Bliss and sealing a SmackDown victory.

Carmella is ready. She’s proven she can cut a great promo, as was evident after winning Money in the Bank. Stealing the title from Charlotte would also be the perfect way to rob the fans of a win for the babyface, while also forcing Flair to restart her title chase.

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Carmella’s separation from James Ellsworth on SmackDown this week could be a sign she’s ready to take on a more serious attitude. The comedy is a thing of the past.

It’s time for Carmella to cash in her contract and establish herself as SmackDown‘s champion, and she can do so in a manner nobody will ever forget.