WWE: Titus Worldwide Should Be More Than A Low-Card Act


In the last edition of Raw, Titus Worldwide scored an upset over The Bar, which raises the question: Should they be more than a low-card act in WWE?

If you were watching Raw the other night and expected Titus O’Neil and Apollo Crews to score the winner over The Bar, I would’ve told you that you’re crazy. After the match though, you’d be coming with me to buy lottery tickets.

Titus Worldwide scored probably the biggest win of the stable’s existent. Sheamus and Cesaro are an accomplished tag team and are superstars with World-title potential on their own. Instead, WWE flipped the script and gave them O’Neil and Crews the underdog victories.

Is this win going to just be a fluke — or the beginning of The Bar’s dissolution? Or will WWE look to build on this and promote “Titus Worldwide” above “low-card act?”

Quite frankly, Titus Worldwide deserves to be more just than a mid-card act.

Titus O’Neil has the Vince McMahon look. He’s a huge individual with an unbelievable physique. Unlike a lot of these monsters, he has the charisma to battle the top dogs and the ring skills to carry a decent match — unlike some muscle men that have received pushes in the past.

In Apollo Crews, he’s a ridiculously muscular wrestler with cruiserweight wrestling abilities. His strength, quickness and high-flying abilities make him a good matchup against just about anyone in the WWE. Most wrestlers of his build can’t move in and out of the fly like Crews. His mic skills leave little to be desired, but that’s what O’Neil is for. He has flirted with the Intercontinental title in the past, but it seems like the creative team pushed him down the card.

Their manager, Dana Brooke, may not find much success in the crowded, but talented, women’s division. However, this isn’t a bad thing for her. She can find her niche as a successful manager. The WWE has really lacked great women managers since Lana was with Rusev, and Dana Brooke can fill that role.

How can they elevate this trio past the likes of Heath Slater or Rhyno? Is it a possible to see “Titus Worldwide” rise among the WWE ranks?

Possible scenarios

Titus Worldwide can build off their upset win over The Bar to battle opposing teams on Raw. While they’re not ready for battles with The Shield or The Balor Club, they could use their win to ignite a small feud with The Bar.

The Revival needs a feud to kickstart their long-awaited rise in the tag team division. Pairing them with “Titus Worldwide” could be a feud that elevates both teams in the process.

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They could also be a part of the Superstar Shakeup to find a fresh start. In “The Land of Opportunity,” they could find success against teams like Breezango, the New Day, the Usos or Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin.

What this stable really needs though is a marquee addition. Between Titus O’Neil, Dana Brooke, Apollo Crews and — formerly — Akira Tozawa, there isn’t any star power.

As mentioned before, both Crews and O’Neil seem like superstars who could thrive in at least a mid-card role. Ideally, The Miz wins the Intercontinental title back, and they feud with the Miztourage.

Their gimmicks already fit the bill for a potential feud. You have The Miz — Mr. Hollywood guy with his own talk show — and his lackeys against the brand “Titus Worldwide.” Crews might be the better fit in terms of wrestling him, but O’Neil would thrive against him on the mic.

The Miz has a gift in making his opponents look better and more comfortable on the mic, and Titus Worldwide could find success against the A-list superstar.

On the other hand, if the WWE sees success with the brand but not O’Neil or Crews, they can call up someone from NXT. This person though has to be someone who gets over with the crowd and could become a major player in the WWE. O’Neil could hype up the called-up superstar as the “hottest prospect in NXT” and “Titus Worldwide’s biggest acquisition.”

Crews and O’Neil both have the talent and the gimmick to at least battle for the Tag Team titles or a mid-card championship. If they don’t see it, they have to find some way to make “Titus Worldwide” success; it’s too good of an idea to squander.

Closing Remarks

Titus Worldwide’s win over The Bar may just be nothing more than an underdog story. They could just be destined for a mid-to-low card act, given the talent on the main roster and on NXT.

On Raw, they’re tiers behind stables like The Shield, Balor Club and Miztourage. Not to mention, it’s tough to see Crews and O’Neil rise as a tag team with The Bar and The Revival in the way as well.

On SmackDown, it’s more pressed for time as it’s a two-hour show compared to the three hours Raw gets. They also possesses an influx of tag teams: New Day, The Usos, The Bludgeon Brothers, Breezango, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin and Rusev Day.

Not to mention, The Authors of Pain, SaNity and Undisputed Era are sure to hit the main rosters and become prominent fixtures within the calendar year.

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There may not even be room for Titus Worldwide to take off, and it’s a shame. They have the unique gimmick and the talent necessary to take off.

All they need is the right opportunity, and they may find one if they can nab a marquee representative.