WWE: Why Sheamus and Cesaro Need To Go Back To Raw


Why 4-time WWE RAW tag champs, The Bar, need to go back home to the red brand.

The 2018 WWE superstar shakeup, so far at least, seems to have been a productive use of time and energy from the WWE creative team. On paper, there were some very good decisions made. A few examples of that would be Samoa Joe and The Miz’s move to SmackDown, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn finding a home on RAW, and the litany of promotions from NXT to the main roster, most notably Andrade Almas, SAnitY, and The Authors of Pain.

However, one somewhat head-scratching move took place on night two of the shakeup when it was announced that Cesaro and Sheamus were moving to Tuesday nights. The 4-time RAW tag champs have not only found success as a team as evidenced by their multiple championship reigns, but the duo has dominated and solidified the red brand’s tag team division for the better part of the last 18 months.

They’ve had their ups and downs but along their tag team journey, The Bar has defeated the likes of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, The New Day, and The Hardy Boyz among countless others while establishing themselves as one of the best tandems in the history of the company.

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So when the word came down that they’d be switching brands, it was mildly shocking to say the least. Why would a team who’s had so much success in their current setting get swapped into a new one? Well one argument that can be made is that this was a reactive measure to The Bar’s WrestleMania 34 fate.

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For a team that has been as successful as they have, it must have been a remarkable smack in the face when the team found out that they’d not just be dropping the straps to Braun Strowman at “The Show of Shows” but that “The Monster Among Men” was going to accomplish this feat with an 11 year-old boy that he pulled out of the stands by his side.

Maybe the idea was that by switching rosters that would mitigate the level of nonsense that such a talented team endured on the biggest night of the year.

Now, if that is the case, fine. But what has happened now is with the rest of the shakeup moves, the tag team divisions are absurdly lopsided. Right now, RAW’s tag team’s are The Authors of Pain, The Revival, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt, Rhyno and Heath Slater, and Breezango.

You could include Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre but it’s unclear what their direction is as of now. That’s not a terrible tag division at all, especially if the company decides to push The Revival the way Dawson and Wilder, one of the best teams on earth, deserve to be. But in comparison to SmackDown’s tag division, it’s two different levels.

Currently, the blue brand’s tag division includes The Usos, The New Day, The Bludgeon Brothers, Gallows and Anderson, along with the yet to debut SAnitY. Adding Cesaro and Sheamus to this talented group has stacked the deck in SmackDown’s favor in stunning fashion. Just as point of reference, as tag teams, the groups on RAW have four tag titles between them if we’re counting both main roster and NXT. The blue brand’s teams have 16. Talk about lopsided.

The good news is that this Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble gives the WWE a chance to get Sheamus and Cesaro back on Monday nights as a way to even up the two brands tag divisions. With The Bar taking on Hardy and Wyatt for RAW tag titles, a win from the former champs puts them right back where they belong. And it may seem strange for Sheamus and Cesaro to be sent to SmackDown only to be sent right back to Monday’s, the WWE has made it clear for a very long time that many of their decisions are made on the fly.

Another thing to factor in is The Bar’s star power and how their presence would affect the litany of either young, or inexperienced teams that are currently on the red roster. Cesaro and Sheamus would be the perfect type team to nurture and put over both The Authors of Pain and The Revival. Could you imagine what types of matches these three teams could produce together? And what a way for a young team to win their first main roster tag titles than to defeat one of the best teams in the company. Their move back to Monday nights just makes sense on so many levels.

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In the nearly two years that have passed since the WWE decided to separate the brands again, The Bar has been by far the most successful team on the red brand. RAW is their home. And that’s where they belong.