5 Ring of Honor Wrestlers Jimmy Havoc Should Face Next


Jimmy Havoc has become the first wrestler announced for Ring of Honor’s inaugural International Cup, taking place across Edinburgh, Doncaster and London in mid-August.

This marks the Ring of Honor debut for Havoc, whose travels across the wrestling globe have brought him from CZW, all the way to PROGRESS, with many well-travelled pit stops along the way. Known for his past of violent death matches and dangerous stunts, Havoc is a perfect first entrant for the tournament, which pits the best wrestlers of the United States against the best of the UK. The winner will go on to face the Ring of Honor World Champion in a title bout in London.

Havoc’s debut opens up a whole range of possible matches with ROH’s incredibly talented roster, some of whom Havoc could meet for the first time. Here are a few of the wrestlers we’d love to see him face.

5. Marty Scurll

Havoc and Scurll have a long and turgid history within PROGRESS, with Havoc costing Scurll the title on more than one occasion, and defeating him soundly in their short-lived feud in 2016. Scurll signed with Ring of Honor soon after, and has since become a staple of both ROH and NJPW, limiting their interactions to the occasional independent show. Both Havoc and Scurll have grown exponentially since their initial feud, with Scurll growing into his gothic plague doctor persona. Watching them bring their feud into Ring of Honor would be bloody spectacular.

4. Punishment Martinez

Jimmy Havoc is a sucker for punishment, and this would be a match with a perfect tagline, brutal action, and no small amount of blood spilled. As the current ROH World Television Champion, Punishment has left a trail of mayhem in his wake, taking down hard-boiled veteran Silas Young to claim his first championship win. Known for a hard-hitting, brutal style, Punishment would more than a match for Havoc, who’d no doubt enjoy the pain.

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 3. Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels is Ring of Honor, having been with the company since its inception. While it might be considered a form of hazing, Ring of Honor will always be Christopher Daniels territory, and any newcomer should have to go through Daniels first.

Utilising his cunning and experience, Daniels would, and should put Havoc through the ringer, more than likely with a bit of help from his pals in The Addiction. Here’s to hoping Havoc survives the experience.

 2. Vinny Marseglia

Vinny Marseglia has taken inspiration from classic horror and slasher films of the past to form his creepy, otherworldly persona, known as the ‘Horror King’.

Havoc is no stranger to horror, and Marseglia’s antics would have to be ramped up to 11 to get a rise out of his nonchalant rival. Marseglia has spoken of his desire to take on Havoc in the past, and with plenty of blood and guts, a horror-themed death match could be a spectacular work of art between the two.

1. Jay Lethal

As the current Ring of Honor Champion, Jay Lethal awaits the winner of ROH’s International Cup. While Havoc is only the first of many announcements to come, with a strong wrestling pedigree, years of hard won experience and a taste for pain, he’s already a strong contender to win the tournament. Lethal himself has a long and star-studded past in wrestling despite his relatively young age. As long as he retains the title until August, there’s a strong possibility that we’ll see this feud blossom into something truly great.

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The Ring of Honor International Cup takes place from August 16th in Edinburgh. Tickets are available now.