NJPW G1 Climax 2018: Who’s Who In Block A?


With there being just one week away from the G1 Climax beginning, we are going to take a look at Block A: the wrestlers, how much chance they have of winning, and the matches I’m most looking forward to.

So if you aren’t too sure, the NJPW G1 Climax begins this year on July 14th, meaning it’s approaching thick and fast, and over the past few years, the G1 had proved to be a turning point for many NJPW stars including Tetsuya Naito, Kenny Omega and even Shinsuke Nakamura.

Let’s take a look at who’s in block A this year:

Hiroshi Tanahashi: This will be Tanahashi’s 17th consecutive time in the G1 Climax, and he is a former 2 time winner of the G1, first winning it in 2007 then again in 2015. Tanahashi is one of those wrestlers you can always depend upon, so if New Japan wanted to play it safe then Tanahashi could be a potential winner, but I just can’t see it this year, with the amount of talent in both Blocks that would be able to have the G1 be their defining break out moment.

Kazuchika Okada: Many, including myself would call him the favourite  heading into the G1 Climax tournament, and he is still one of the very best wrestlers there is to offer. This will be Okada’s 7th consecutive entry into the G1 Climax, being a former two-time winner, first winning it in 2012, then again in 2014. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they go with Okada winning the tournament, even though he has just had a record-breaking 720 day reign as IWGP Heavyweight Champion.

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Jay White: White is only one of two wrestlers in the G1 Climax making his debut into it this year. White recently has being on a role and I’m not going to lie, I love the heel heat he draws from any crowd. He isn’t exactly the best wrestler but he’s very quickly improving and by WrestleKingdom 13 (when the winner gets a championship opportunity) he could be better and could end up winning this tournament, if NJPW wanted to pull the trigger on him.

YOSHI-HASHI: Yoshi-Hashi will be making his third consecutive entrant into the G1 Climax this year. He hasn’t won the tournament before, and I see it staying that way as I can’t see him winning it this year either.

Bad Luck Fale: Making his fifth consecutive entry into the G1 Climax is Bad Luck Fale. Fale has never won the tournament, and I can’t see him doing so this year either.

Hangman Page: The second superstar who is making his G1 Climax debut is Hangman Page. He really had a breakout year in 2017, and Page could be a VERY interesting winner of the tournament this year. With Page being very good in the ring and excellent on the mic, he deserves a break-out moment and this seems like the perfect opportunity. With Page also been a member of The Bullet Club, and the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion been Kenny Omega, that could make for some fantastic storytelling.

EVIL: Most recently EVIL has been tag partners with SANADA, but they are on different sides in this G1 and I must say, I’m excited to see what happens there. EVIL is making his third consecutive entry into the G1. EVIL has never won the G1 Climax, and I see it staying that way for the foreseeable future, as I can’t see him winning this year either.

Minoru Suzuki: The 10th and final entrant into Block A of the G1 Climax is Minoru Suzuki. Making his 8th entrant, and one of the most experienced in the entire tournament. However, he has never won the G1 and as much as it pains me to say this, I think it’ll stay that way.

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Who do I see winning the NJPW G1 Climax?

I think NJPW could go with the storytelling side of things. I’m going to go with a shock and choose Hangman Page to win Block A of the G1 Climax this year.

So as the busiest time of year approaches for New Japan Pro Wrestling, this has being my preview of Block A in the G1 Climax. I hope you enjoy the shows!