WWE: 5 first feuds for the resurgent (Not) Bullet Club

Karl Anderson, AJ Styles and Luke Gallows (Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images for Singapore Sports Hub)
Karl Anderson, AJ Styles and Luke Gallows (Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images for Singapore Sports Hub) /
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The Club are back and better than ever. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, this is far from the first incarnation of this particular club and we can say with absolute confidence that it won’t be the last in WWE either.

Prince Devitt’s Bullet Club made huge waves in New Japan and are credited with starting the latest NJPW international surge. After he left the company, regenerating into Finn Balor like Doctor Who, AJ Styles would step into the gulf. Under his lead, the Bullet Club would move from strength to strength before he was also given an ignominious departure to make room for his cleaner, Kenny Omega.

Styles debuted at that year’s Royal Rumble. He would be followed shortly afterwards by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Finally, Finn Balor arrived on the WWE main roster in July. By that time, Styles, Gallows and Anderson had already been teaming together against John Cena.

Just as then, Gallows and Anderson have been used to turn Styles heel. After a brief flirtation under the leadership of Finn Balor, The Club is back together under Styles; ready to dominate the competition.

So what exactly is the competition?

Don’t get me wrong; this current no ad breaks during matches climate has resulted in a lot of sudden six man tag team matches but there actually aren’t a lot of teams and trios for The Club to feud with. This gets even worse if we don’t consider the wild card rule.

It’s started with Ricochet and while that’s certainly a two out of three falls match waiting to happen, I can’t see a lot of three on three matches happening. Maybe then The Club will be more like The Bullet Club; bullies attacking through strength of numbers.

Or maybe AJ Styles will be a gamer style final boss?

In these slides I’ve laid out 5 ideal competitors to get the most out of The Club and to get the most from The Club. Strap in tight – we need to get through these all before Gallows and Anderson finish their contracts!