WWE fans absolutely hated the end to Hell in a Cell 2019

Although AEW is going head to head with NXT on Wednesday nights, WWE may have lost a step in the war with a bizarre finish to the Hell in a Cell main event between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt.

The Hell in a Cell match between Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch was the most highly-anticipated matchup on the card, but WWE fans were also looking forward to the Universal Title match inside the structure between Bray Wyatt and champion Seth Rollins.

“The Kingslayer” recently defeated Braun Strowman convincingly at Clash of Champions, but it seemed like everything was set up for Wyatt to win the title. As “The Fiend”, Wyatt has been one of WWE’s most captivating characters in recent memory, partially thanks to the wonderful “Firefly Funhouse” segments.

But instead of winning the title to entrench himself as WWE’s most fear man or losing in a twist to the incredibly strongly-booked Rollins, there was no winner.

That’s right. For the second straight year, the Hell in a Cell main event for the Universal Title had a non-finish. Except this time, it was even worse, as there was a disqualification. In a match where DQs are meant to never happen. Because of a sledgehammer.

As a copout to get “The Fiend” on SmackDown? Maybe. A finish that the fans hated? Absolutely.

Twitter had a meltdown, as Wrestling Twitter is known to do in these situations.

It’s worth noting that the fans in the arena were just as upset. (Yet AEW’s executives/wrestlers were probably pleased.)

Agreed. That’s like the very premise of the match, right?

Parrow is one of my favorite wrestlers and a star on the independent scene. He makes a very good point here, too.

You can always count on WWE Creative Humor to brighten up bad booking moments.

Wrestling Twitter is turning on Super Seth Rollins, and I’ll allow it.


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When my friend Blaine doesn’t like your finish, WWE, you definitely messed up.

Hopefully, the company makes this main event result up to their fans, since this was one of the two matches everyone was desperately hoping to see. Neither Sasha Banks nor Bray Wyatt, who are two of their most on-fire wrestlers right now, won titles, but we also can’t count them out from winning a championship soon, right?

But yeah, what a way for the “E” to leave fans with a sour taste after a PPV that most people love.

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