WWE: Seth Rollins delivers the smartest heel turn in recent memory

Last night’s Raw saw Seth Rollins cement his heel turn, but did so in a way where it gave us the most reasonable, understandable that we could’ve seen from WWE.

Last night, Seth Rollins officially turned heel. Well, technically, he “officially” turned heel when he delivered that scathing promo against the roster a few weeks back, but last night, the former WWE Universal Champion completed his heel transformation. Similar to how Bayley’s heel transformation was never complete until she destroyed her Bayley buddies.

The moment The Kingslayer confirmed his alliance with the Authors of Pain and stomped Kevin Owens’ face into the ground was the point of no return. Rollins is a bonafide, unquestionable heel and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Yes, we are to blame for the former Universal Champion turning heel. You, me, your next door neighbor, Seth Rollins’ next door neighbor, that one weird guy down the street you always see mowing his lawn with a pair of tweezers … every single one of us.

At least, that is who is to blame if you are the Seth Rollins character.

After beating down Kevin Owens in the back, Rollins came to the arena and blamed the entire WWE Universe for him turning to the dark side.

“What is good enough for you?! I beat Brock Lesnar not once, but twice! Brought the Universal Title back to Raw for you, and that still was not enough!”

He was furious that being the flagbearer for WWE’s flagship show had gotten him unreasonably hated by the fans. Which, that’s not entirely true, but that’s the beauty of this heel turn.

Let’s ignore, for a second at least, how Rollins and his persona on social media may or may not have played a factor into fans turning on him and stick strictly to what we’ve seen onscreen. In fact, we can even ignore anything the character has said on the mic and how he’s come across.

The fact of the matter is that fans wanted … oh, so badly … to cheer Seth Rollins forever. The fans wanted Seth Rollins. There are multiple factors at play as to why they started booing him and many of them have nothing to do with Rollins himself.

But if you ask the Rollins’ character, he blames the fans and their fickleness for why the mood shifted gears. He blames the fans simply never being satisfied with why he’s been booed as of late.

Again, it’s more complicated than that, but in his own delusion (and, perhaps, entitlement), Rollins took these boos personally enough to not only blame the fans, but to embrace the hate he’s receiving and to start actively giving fans a reason to hate him.

And that, my friends, is what makes this heel turn a stroke of genius.

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Now, let’s just sit back and enjoy what could happen onscreen now that Rollins’ heel turn is complete.

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