Despite AEW rumors, Matt Hardy would make a better fit in NWA

With Matt Hardy leaving WWE due to creative differences, there have been rumors he may end up in AEW. However, Hardy may be a better fit for the alternative promotion, NWA Wrestling.

Former WWE Superstar and legendary tag team performer Matt Hardy recently departed from World Wrestling Entertainment. Citing creative differences within the company, Hardy has stated that he plans to continue wrestling despite serious injuries in the past. With that said, there’s been speculation that Hardy could end up in All Elite Wrestling as Hardy himself has hinted a possible involvement shortly.

With Hardy being well-known for his creativity involving past gimmicks such as “Broken” Hardy and the Version 1 character, it seems that Hardy will be a good signing for AEW if he were to join the company. However, one company that would be beneficial for the former multi-tag champ to sign with is the alternative NWA Wrestling.

The National Wrestling Alliance, which is thriving as the alternative to WWE and AEW, has emphasized character development and storytelling. Hardy’s creative input to his character, whether it’d be his “broken” gimmick or something else, would fit with the environment of NWA Wrestling.

With NWA Power garnering positive reviews since its debut on YouTube last October, countless veterans such as Scott Steiner and the Rock N’ Roll Express have been utilized for that same programming. Hardy would fit in well with these groups of wrestlers in terms of giving off an “old-school” feel to the show.

While the idea of Hardy signing to AEW does sound enticing to some, what’s needs to be taken into consideration is due to Hardy’s past injuries as AEW relies on fast-paced in-ring action. Hardy’s body may not be able to sustain that type of style of wrestling. Although there’s a chance that AEW will not let Hardy potentially injure himself as they could avoid him from doing over-the-top spots.

As NWA focuses heavily on promos and non-wrestling segments, Hardy would thrive on doing weekly promos for their Youtube show. Furthermore, it’s worth noting regarding AEW that in some weeks, one could argue that Dynamite sometimes lacks in showcasing in-ring segments, which segments like these are essential for wrestling shows.

Hardy coming to NWA can work in a sense where he may be able to keep up with the other performers while showcasing his personality. AEW could plan for something important for Hardy, but if not, hopefully there’s an acceptable backup plan if it doesn’t come through fruition. If AEW does sign Hardy and expects him to succeed, then he must have a platform for his creativity.

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Whether Hardy will end up in AEW or not, in the upcoming weeks he’ll surely excite fans whenever he returns to action. If the rumors are true about Hardy’s involvement with AEW, will he achieve the same success he had in WWE and Impact, or not?

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