WWE Money in the Bank 2020: If Otis wins, he should cash in on Tag Titles

Otis has stated that he plans to use his WWE Money in the Bank 2020 contract for the Tag titles. If he wins, could fans witness a plot twist around traditional MITB storylines?

During a recent interview with Digital Spy, WWE Superstar Otis revealed that if he won this Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank 2020 briefcase match, he’d cash it in for the tag team titles, instead of the the WWE or Universal Championships.

Otis’ remarks certainly adds an interesting dimension to the entire MITB concept worth looking into.

After the women were included in the mix with their own MITB match three years ago, I remember a plethora of wrestling blogs hitting the forum basing a case around a tag team MITB match moving forward.

However, I truly believe that adding a MITB tag match would simply saturate the entire briefcase concept within WWE storylines. Simply put, it would be “too much.” Either way, despite speculation, it hasn’t come to fruition.

23 winners later and it is undeniable that the MITB storyline has a long and rich history within the WWE. Adding a female briefcase winner in 2017 helped to elevate the women’s wrestling evolution and a new and unique aspect to it all.

Granted, it has to be a challenge for WWE Creative to continue with the storyline, year in and year out, by still trying to keep things “fresh” with new spins within the concept for two matches annually.

Therefore, the very idea that one half of a tag team winning the MITB could potentially lead to them using it for a tag team title cash in, is intriguing to say the least. Having Otis win would add some new life, depth, and a breath of fresh air to a MITB win and would leave far more question marks to the equation than if a singles superstar won.

The teases around a potential storyline that involves Otis cashing in on a Universal Champion (or WWE Champion) or using that briefcase for tag title opportunities opens up the storyline. It can add hype, by also adding an element of dissention between Otis and Tucker if he decides to go for the holy grail of gold rather than the tag titles.

Not to mention, the fact that fans and wrestling journalists alike have stated in recent years the lack of focus WWE has placed on their tag team divisions.

With title matches hitting the preshow more often than not, fans thirst for a time in the distance past when tag team wrestling was celebrated in the spotlight, and not an afterthought for WWE Creative.

Advocating a win for Otis would not only propel his career – one must admit he’s highly entertaining on all aspects of the front from matches to promo work – but it would also once again catapult the tag team division into the forefront and allow the tease of MITB cash-ins to showcase a part of the roster that seems to be forgotten. It would also elevate the tag team championships to boot.

Opening up MITB storylines beyond traditional concepts was once teased in 2018. After all, if Kofi Kingston had won the briefcase at that point in time, the WWE could have introduced the idea that Xavier Woods or Big E were eligible to cash-in the contract too, under their “Freebird Rule.” The idea was thrown out there at one point, but not nabbed. Another opportunity to go against the grain was lost.

Otis sits as an underdog when you consider the other men that represent this year’s MITB contract match.

With Daniel Bryan, King Corbin, AJ Styles, Aleister Black, and Rey Mysterio in the pack, he does seem as the unlikely contender to snag the Mr. MITB title.

With that said, if he did, what an endless world of opportunity this could bring for Otis, his partner, and the land of tag team wrestling.