WWE NXT star Shotzi Blackheart donating shirt proceeds to Trevor Project

WWE NXT wrestler Shotzi Blackheart is helping LGBTQ+ people during Pride month.

The month of June is Pride month and serves to celebrate LGBTQ+ culture, honor the activists who fought for queer rights, and remind people of how much more work needs to be done. Because fighting for LGBTQ+ rights or celebrating the accomplishments of LGBTQ+ people should never be restricted to one month.

WWE, as a company, has often used Pride month for its own gain, whereas it does not do enough to tangibly support LGBTQ+ people or even book their LGBTQ+ wrestlers appropriately to their level of talent.

That said, there are people in the company looking to make a chance or use their platforms to help. And WWE NXT superstar Shotzi Blackheart is the latest wrestler to do their best to make an impact.

Blackheart said she will be donating “any” money she receives from WWE for the sales of her first merchandise on the WWE Shop to the Trevor Project.

You can view her merchandise page here.

The Trevor Project was founded in 1998, and the organization seeks to help LGBTQ+ individuals under the age of 25.

They have chat, text, and call lines for people to call in if they are in crisis, as well as suicide prevention resources.

Due to structural discrimination, rejection from family and friends, and other forms of stigma and discrimination in society, LGBTQ+ people have higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

Blackheart’s decision to help the Trevor Project during Pride month is a heartwarming one, and hopefully she will continue to finds ways to support the LGBTQ+ Community as a WWE superstar with the platform she has. And since she’s an incredibly talented pro wrestler, her platform – and, yes, merch sales – will only grow in the company.

It also speaks volumes that Blackheart is donating all the proceeds she receives from her first merchandise to the Trevor Project. She was excited to see her first merchandise in WWE, but she just as quickly decided to use this to help others.