AEW: Sonny Kiss needs to be on weekly television far more often

AEW, Sonny Kiss (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
AEW, Sonny Kiss (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

AEW isn’t using one of their most talented wrestlers enough.

When AEW announced the signing of Sonny Kiss back in February 2019, it had been plugged as they should have, a significant deal. Immediately, Kiss became a conversation piece amongst the industry.

Connections were drawn that complimented the organization’s stance on being an all-inclusive product, and fans viewed this, along with the signing of Nyla Rose, as a demonstration of the company’s commitment to hiring and amplifying Black and LGBTQ+ performers.

Ever since debuting, the steam behind Sonny Kiss’s momentum has dispersed, significantly. You’ll often find him performing on AEW Dark, competing in exhibition-type matches. At the time of this piece, his record stands at 4 wins and 11 losses. This includes two pre-show PPV appearances. The amount of utilization here seems minimal, and I believe that is at a detriment to the brand.

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A key benefit of a diverse locker-room is that it opens doors creatively. Now, this isn’t a case that Kiss deserves to win more and being pushed to the moon.

The argument is that he’s deserving to become further integrated into the main show, “Dynamite” and given a developing storyline. It doesn’t matter what Kiss does in the ring, AEW offer zero follow up whether he wins or loses, and that doesn’t contribute to building a star.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic stripped live audiences away from the product, it was impossible not to see the connection Kiss had with the fans. The people are behind him. He comes across as a natural babyface figure, with a move-set that is eye-catching. That has proven to catch light with audiences.

Whenever he’s on-screen, your attention is allured in Kiss’s direction. What’s often bankable in the wrestling industry is something or someone unique. That stands out amongst the crowd. Here AEW has a talent who presents himself and performs with a different flare. You can contribute that to a multitude of tones and invest time towards figuring how these attributes can enhance other areas of the show.

It would be fair to address that Kiss’s confidence has grown since joining the company. If you were to look back on his last bout that took place during the most recent episode of “AEW Dark” with Christopher Daniels, you can see progress when compared to earlier matches.

Now, every wrestler has flaws. Any creative mind worth their salt should amplify a talent’s strengths and divert attention away from the weaknesses. In Sonny Kiss’s case, he’s remained unchanged since day one. Well over a year has gone by, there’s no movement or evolution to the character. The inconsistency in promoting him is a huge factor.

If there are doubts about having Kiss frequently on “Dynamite”, you could at least offer a consistent spot on “Dark” to make that is own. Win, lose, or draw, allow the matches to tell a story that leads up to development or matter of purpose. Why not have Kiss feud with members of the ‘Dark Order’? Perhaps caught in a competitive rivalry with a newcomer, where they exchange victories and losses and need to determine who out the two is the best.

What we’re told is that Kiss will at some point team up with Joey Janela. That could prove interesting, however, the tag team division is already a hive of activity. A positive change to their records doesn’t look likely at all, certainly not for the foreseeable future.

AEW may say it is all-inclusive, yet Kiss doesn’t seem included with a whole lot on either show. It often comes across that his “diversity” is the only selling point when that’s the wrong approach to have.

The same sentiment may be true for a couple of other wrestlers in AEW, and that needs to be addressed by the company. It has been needing addressing for some time.

When it boils down to ‘The Concrete Rose’, Sonny Kiss, I’m hoping there’s a shift of focus to put more faith into him. He’s an ideal babyface and finding a believable one in this day in age is arguably harder than ever before. That’s, unfortunately, being overlooked and a prime candidate is left plateauing at the same level he came in at.

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