WWE: Bianca Belair Should Go Back to NXT

WWE, Bianca Belair Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Bianca Belair Credit: WWE.com /

Bianca Belair has not been justifiably booked to her fullest potential on Raw, indicating that she was prematurely called up to the main roster.

Bianca Belair’s undefeated streak and phenomenal mic work in WWE NXT, as well as her highlighted performances on main roster PPVs, such as Survivor Series and Royal Rumble, had exemplified her readiness for the main roster. Whether she was swimming with big fish in a small pond or with sharks in deep waters, Bianca Belair thrived under pressure.

However, while some naysayers would say that winning the NXT Women’s Championship is not necessary for success on the main roster, she should have won the NXT Women’s Championship before getting called up to the main roster because doing so would have assured that she was main event material that should not be overlooked.

A common fallacy in WWE’s booking is prematurely calling up superstars to the main roster where management books a talented superstar with sufficient momentum for the first month and then buries or wastes that superstar once they get bored with that superstar. Now, she is unfortunately absent from Raw, and sending her back to NXT would feel like a demotion.

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This is not just a ‘recent’ misfortune. It’s a perpetual injustice a talented superstar like Bianca Belair should not be subjected to. When management does not have plans for a high caliber superstar, they should wait for the right time instead of relegating that high caliber superstar to a nonsensical match on a low caliber show, like ‘Main Event.’

Getting called up to the main roster was not necessary for Bianca Belair at that moment in time. Instead of wasting time on ‘Main Event’, she could have been busy winning the NXT Women’s Championship on NXT, which was more necessary not only for her immediate success but more importantly for her long term success.

The majority of NXT women’s champions, such as Paige, Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Bayley, and Sasha Banks are at the top of their games on the main roster to date partly because they proved their main event status on NXT with championship gold. Winning the NXT women’s championship would have been a confirmation that Belair is on that level.

Now that the problem has been covered, what’s the solution? As mentioned earlier, sending her back to NXT would feel like a demotion and keeping on her Raw won’t do her any good. Our Amit Shukla expatiated on Belair’s possible move to SmackDown being beneficial, but that might not help her too much with Bayley and Sasha Banks taking the spotlight on the blue brand.

Instead, the WWE should do a little bit of everything. Management should keep Bianca Belair on Raw or give her a fresh start on SmackDown. Once Royal Rumble season comes along, she should be booked to continue her momentum from last year’s Royal Rumble and solidify that momentum with a victory at the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble.

Like Charlotte Flair, Belair should select the NXT Women’s Champion as her WrestleMania 37 opponent. That way, Belair can solidify her NXT run by winning the NXT Women’s Championship for the first time in her career on the grandest stage of them all. Like Flair, Belair would still be a main roster superstar, so she will be allowed to do double duty as NXT Women’s Champion.

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Furthermore, Belair would be allowed to make a statement on the main roster as NXT Women’s Champion while enhancing NXT’s popularity and elevating the NXT Women’s Division. If she can elevate both the NXT Women’s Division and main roster women’s division as the champion, this booking strategy would help prove her main event status in a heartbeat.