WWE Raw: Sasha Banks will say goodbye to her title in memorable fashion

WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by David Caird/Newspix/Getty Images)
WWE, Sasha Banks (Photo by David Caird/Newspix/Getty Images) /

Next week, Sasha Banks and Asuka will have another match to decide the rightful WWE Raw Women’s Champion.

Sasha Banks thought she had the WWE Raw Women’s Championship won at Extreme Rules when Bayley stepped in, hit Asuka with a Women’s Tag Team Title, and then pulled off the misted referee’s T-Shirt to count to three so that her best friend could join her with two belts.

WWE, of course, didn’t officially see this as a title change, as Banks would have technically won by disqualification when Asuka brought out the mist on the referee. So on the following episode of Raw, Stephanie McMahon stepped in, appearing on the titantron to inform Sasha and an irate Asuka that they would have another title match next Monday.

McMahon reasoned that while Sasha didn’t win fairly due to the interference and Bayley counting to three, Asuka didn’t win either. Nor did the champion technically fight fairly either, which Sasha and Bayley brought up in their pomo.

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A second title match between Banks and Asuka was always the likely plan, though Banks’ fans may be disappointed that their favorite’s title win won’t officially be recognized by WWE. It appears the title is vacant, though, even if Asuka didn’t actually lose it.

Whatever the case may be, WWE fans are poised to receive another instant classic between Sasha Banks and Asuka, who showed why they are two of the best on the planet at Extreme Rules.

Prior to the entertaining finish that led to so many fans intrigued for WWE Raw, Banks and Asuka were putting on a clinic in selling and technical wrestling, as you’d expect. They more than met the hype with a big-match feel.

Next week’s Raw Women’s Title match will be the main event of the show. Yes, I’m going beyond “should” and predicting that it will be the main event, because there might not be a single match that could possibly be bigger than this on Raw in 2020. It’s main eventing, and it’s going to be one of the best Raw matches ever. No, seriously. Go back and watch what they put together at Extreme Rules.

And the finish, this time, will be satisfyingly decisive. As much as Sasha Banks fans would love to see The Boss running the show with both titles, WWE won’t tie up three titles in two wrestlers. Plus, the breakup has to happen, and the Blue belt is the Blueprint’s destiny. She’s never won the SmackDown Women’s Title before.

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Sasha will have to say goodbye to the title she never really won at Extreme Rules, though it’s a title she’s held four times in her career and helped elevate in losses, whether at 2019 Royal Rumble, 2019 Hell in a Cell, 2020 Extreme Rules, or an episode of Raw in late July.

Get ready for another treat, courtesy of two of the best wrestlers we’ve ever seen in WWE.