WWE SmackDown: Segment could be sign of things to come for Naomi, but don’t let up

WWE, Naomi (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for WWE)
WWE, Naomi (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for WWE) /

Naomi has a segment on WWE SmackDown that seems to have been caused by #NaomiDeservesBetter.

Well, Well, Well.

Look at what we have here on this… glorious day!

My friend and colleague Kevin showed me something on Blue Ivy’s internet that had me clutching my invisible bunny pearls.

Naomi will make an appearance on MizTV on WWE SmackDown.

( Perks my bunny ears ) Now what was that about Hashtags not helping in the world of professional wrestling?! Hmm? Hmm?!

In the immortal words of Sergeant Bill Dauterive, “I Can’t Hear Youuu!”

I don’t hear nothing! Jack! Nothing… at all. Crickets!

*Giggles* Ok. Ok. I’m done.

In all seriousness though, as evidenced by #GiveDivasAChance, #PutTheWoodOnKofi, and #NaomiDeservesBetter, hashtags aren’t as completely ineffective as a lot of people on social media were making them out to be.

They’ve worked before.

A whole week after #NaomiDeservesBetter began trending again, WWE announces Naomi is set to appear on Miz TV on this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown? And to address what?

“…the reaction from the WWE Universe?”

Well, clearly wrestlers and wrestling fans did something right.

Naomi fans aren’t really in a mood to let up on calling out issues that they’ve been speaking out about for years now.

It was only a matter of time before her fans snapped — again. Having her lose to Lacey Evans, of all people, was basically the last straw.

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People made just enough noise on social media, were just loud enough to get WWE’s attention.

Are you hearing me?

WWE just gave Naomi TV time on this week’s SmackDown, time she was probably wasn’t going to get prior to the resurgence of that hashtag.

So, there’s a chance that the “Naomi deserves better” movement might have been a modern turning point.

Now the question is, is WWE going to take this seriously? That’s the thing. That’s what I want people to be cautious of.

We need to see where this is going before we start celebrating too quick.

This needs to be going somewhere.

Now obviously WWE is most likely going to turn this Lacey Evans thing into a straight-up feud.

I know a lot of Naomi fans aren’t going to be happy about that, and I completely understand. But, it’s pretty much already started now.

They might as well finish it and use Naomi’s momentum to build her up to better things. The keyword here is build!

They’ve never really taken the time to build her with multiple feuds  (that make sense) and stipulation matches — singles matches. That needs to stop now!

I’m all for Naomi getting a push whether it’s for a championship or not. But, WWE really needs to be careful how they do it. Especially since the Glow Mob is ready for any false move.

And we are (Yes. I’m a part of the Mob).

So, I don’t want her thrown into a championship opportunity right away just to shut people up.

However, I don’t want them to do what they basically did with Kofi Kingston and overdue it with putting a bunch of obstacles in her way.

We’ll definitely have to see what happens on Friday.

I don’t want to fantasy book too much right now with things being so unpredictable. But, she needs to hold that WWE SmackDown women’s championship by the year’s end.

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No matter what happens though, everybody needs to continue applying pressure on WWE. Don’t let up!

We all know how Vince McMahon has developed a really nasty habit of changing his mind or finding some reason not to push someone anymore.

I’m just saying.