Doritos, Goats, and Nintendo Switch: Wrestling can be anything at MV Young’s Outdoor Poly Cult Party

Doritos, Goats, and Nintendo Switch were just a few of the unique elements that made MV Young’s Outdoor Poly Cult Party a breath of fresh air for wrestling.

On Friday, July 31 at 7 pm ET, MV Young’s Outdoor Poly Cult Party went live on Go Professional Wrestling’s Twitch stream.

Going into the show, there were four very different confirmed matches that highlighted what had the potential to be a unique current take on limited attendance independent wrestling.

Bobby Orlando vs. Nick Stapp and Lee Moriarty vs. Ziggy Haim filled out the bottom half of the announced card, while the show was set to feature two title bouts with Billy Dixon defending the F1ght Club Chocolate City Championship against Erica Leigh and host MV Young defending the Ring Light Championship against EFFY.

If you watch the show on Twitch, the action begins approximately 57 minutes into the feed, marking the total length of the show at a perfectly cozy 70 minutes. Right from the very beginning, the tone set by Darnell Mitchell showed one of the things that sets this show apart from the norm.

Mitchell and MV Young are both producers of New York-based promotion Uncanny Attractions, and while this wasn’t officially an Uncanny Attractions event, the hallmarks of the promotion were there. That means the talent involved was diverse and inclusive of race, gender, and sexual orientation, and bigotry of any kind wasn’t allowed to fester in the slightest.

“Thank you guys very much for coming. We appreciate it,” Mitchell began as the show opened. “We just wanna make sure we go over the rules, Code of Conduct, because you know how we do. No homophobia. No transphobia. No racism. No ableism. We don’t got time for that here today. We’re all gonna be happy. We’re all gonna have fun. We’re all gonna be safe. Put your mask on.”

The event, which took place outdoors and had very limited attendance, allowed for proper social distancing and Young clarified when I spoke to him recently that masks were mandatory, hand sanitizer would be provided, and temperatures would be taken at the door.

After introductions by ring announcer Eddy McQueen, the action got started with an opening contest that pitted Lee Moriarty vs. Ziggy Haim. The two competitors held nothing back, tearing into each other to set the tone for a night of quality wrestling.

The second contest was a Poly Cult Mansion Special Bonus Match, which hadn’t been announced ahead of the event. Big Game Leroy made his way out first, Nintendo Switch in hand like always, only to be ambushed by his opponent Pinkie Sanchez.

Leroy and Sanchez gave us a very different contest, with Sanchez using every dirty tactic available to take every possible advantage. Big Game Leroy’s Nintendo Switch eventually became an active part of the match as well, adding to an already engaging and entertaining contest and even riving referee Nick Shin at a time he was out cold.

The third match of the night saw “The GOATest of All Time” Bobby Orlando, carrying stuffed goat Bobby Jr. with him, head to the ring for a match with Nick Stapp. Once the match got underway, everything from Bobby Jr to a table covered in Doritos became a part of the violent contest.

Once the ring had been cleared of Dorito shrapnel, it was time for the first title bout as Erica Leigh made her way to the ring to challenge reigning F1ght Club Chocolate City Champion Billy Dixon. Once again, we saw a match unique from the rest, with no shortage of trash talk between Dixon and Leigh.

As the contest heated up, referee Nick Shin went down and there was a shocking appearance from “The Bundertaker” Hot Dog Starkes that words couldn’t do justice. With only one match left, it was then finally time for the night’s main event.

Reigning Ring Light Champion MV Young was prepared to defend against EFFY, in what turned out to be a hard-hitting and hard-fought contest between two huge personalities. It was the perfect cap to a night of diverse and unique independent wrestling in a time when the scene could not be more unpredictable.

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Be sure to check out the event on Twitch, as it’s free to watch, and keep an eye out for future events with MV Young and Uncanny Attractions.

MV Young’s Outdoor Poly Cult Party Match Card

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